Chinese Crayfish Launched at NY Times Square to Attract Global Diners


Crayfish, which originated from America and has become a booming industry in China, appeared on the big screen of New York Times Square, thanks to Jianli County of China which wanted to show respect to the hometown of Crayfish. It was the first appearance of crayfish on that billboard, which caused hot discussion at home and abroad.

It is Jianli County, a great county located in Hubei Province of China, which brings crayfish to this “Crossroad of the World”, NYC Times Square. The clear-water crayfish and soup-based crayfish produced in Jianli were used to be popular in New York. New York and Jianli, which are ten thousand miles apart, are thus connected through crayfish.

Jianli County, which is located in south central Hubei of Central China, is the most populous county in Hubei, with a population over 1,600,000, which is similar to that of Philadelphia, the sixth-largest city in America. In recent years, Jianli has won another title, i.e. the First County of Crayfish in China. The yield of crayfish in Jianli approximately accounts for 10% of the total yield in China.

New York Times Square, situated at the heartland of Manhattan, is the most prosperous shopping center for business, culture and entertainment in the world. It is also known as the “crossroad of the world”, where China impression films once yielded brilliant results. Besides, it is an important window for many brands to display their content to the world.

Many tourists who came across the Times Square billboard felt surprised about the fact that Jianli crayfish have been introduced into New York Times Square, which made them highly praise the return of crayfish to their native place, North America. They are eager for the chance to visit China and become very interested in tasting delicious crayfish in Jianli by visiting the Chinese county in person.

Jianli crayfish can meet the consumption demand of Chinese customers, with 90% large and medium size cities in China consuming the crayfish produced by Jianli. At the same time, Jianli crayfish, which are well received internationally, has been exported to Russia, Britain, France, Italy, Norway, America and other European and American countries and there’s a high chance that the crayfish eaten by American people at restaurants today are from Jianli, China. The ecological agriculture dominated by rice-crayfish farming system is highly appreciated by World Wide Fund for Nature and the Nature Conservancy, two institutions that always assign officers to attend Jianli Crayfish Festival every year. On the other hand, the prosperity of crayfish industry not only leads Jianli’s peasants to live a rich life, but also provides an example for the rural revitalization in China.

In order to make the crayfish industry bigger and stronger and to synergize with the rice industry to be another name card of the county, Jianli will host the third Rice-crayfish Festival, which is a magnificent carnival held annually in Jianli, on May 20.