Chacha aims to become a world-leading “fresh” nut producer through brand upgrade


The 2019 Chacha Global Strategic Partner Summit & Chacha Nut Brand Upgrade Conference took place in Shanghai on July 18 with the theme: “Leading in preservation, Being world-renowned”. Many industry leaders attended the event where they witnessed Chacha’s resolve in transforming itself into a leading global “fresh” nut producer.

Chacha collaborated with top brand strategy consulting firm H&H to develop and issue its new tagline and logo, jointly founded the Chinese Nuts Nutrition Research Center with the Chinese Nutrition Society, and inked a strategic cooperation agreement with Focus Media, in a move to raise the visibility of the brand as well as of Chacha’s leading role in preserving product freshness.

Entering into a collaboration with H&H to enhance the brand strategy

Nielsen China vice president Ryan Zhou said at the event that the nuts category has continued to grow rapidly in the last few years. H&H chairman Hua Shan announced Chacha’s new tagline and logo. The new “super” tagline is “Core technology for preserving the freshness”, while the classic logo designed by world-renowned Chinese creative designer Alan Chan has been enlarged to serve as the brand’s new “super” logo.

Packaging is a strategic marketing tool. Chacha’s tagline and logo are being first rolled out on new product packaging — a bright yellow background, the enlarged Chacha logo and the “Core technology for preserving the freshness” tagline. As the new logo and tagline appear on the packaging and in advertising channels through the years, it will become highly recognizable and an influencer when shoppers are deciding what to buy.

Creating a strong product and announcing the Small Yellow Bag Daily Nuts brand strategy

International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC) chairman Pino Calcagni sent video greetings to the event and pointed out that nut consumption worldwide is increasing rapidly.

As a result of this trend, Small Yellow Bag Daily Nuts has emerged as a breakthrough product for Chacha, the sole board member of INC in China. According to Chacha vice president Wang Bin, sunflower seeds are Chacha’s primary line of business, while nuts are the secondary one. Chacha will continue to consolidate and deepen its main business – sunflower seeds. Daily Nuts will serve as the starting point for Chacha’s second line of business. Chacha’s goal is to become the No.1 Daily Nuts producer in one to two years, the biggest nut producer in China in three to five years, and a world-leading nut producer in ten years.

Defining “quality” with “freshness”, establishing the Chinese Nuts Nutrition Research Center

Wu Jia, director of career development and publicity at the Chinese Nutrition Society, delivered a report on the nutritional value of nuts. Then Chinese Nutrition Society vice chairwoman Chang Cuiqing and Chacha chairman Chen Xianbao jointly announced the establishment and inauguration of the Chinese Nuts Nutrition Research Center.

This is the first professional nuts nutrition research institute in China. The institute plans to develop new nut products and technologies while playing an important role in promoting knowledge and culture about nuts.

Brand development strategy in the era of fragmentation

Chacha will explore more ways to develop its brand in the era of fragmentation. At the event, Focus Media chairman Jiang Nanchun and Chacha chairman Chen Xianbao signed a strategic cooperation agreement, whereby the two parties will leverage the powerful penetration of Focus Media into the market to elevate Chacha’s tagline and logo into symbols instantly recognizable by consumers.

Chacha, which has core technology for preserving the freshness, has a well-established presence across the industry chain, helping ensure the quality of its products. Under the guidance of the new strategy, Chacha is developing from a leading global producer of sunflower seeds to a world-leading nuts producer.