Call of Duty Kansas ‘swatting’ death: Two more charged


Swatting suspect Tyler Barriss.


Mr Barriss was extradited from his LA home to Kansas to face charges, including manslaughter

Two more gamers accused of being part of a “swatting” hoax that led to a fatal shooting have been charged.

A man renting a house owned by one of the men allegedly involved in the swat – a hoax call requesting armed police – was shot dead in the subsequent raid.

Tyler Barriss, who is accused of making the swatting call following a row over a game of Call of Duty, had already been charged with manslaughter.

Now two others face charges in connection with their roles.

Shane Gaskill and Casey Viner are accused of obstructing justice, conspiracy and wire fraud.

Held hostage

US attorney Stephen McAllister said the charges showed that swatting was not a “joke or a prank”.

“It is a federal crime, and it puts people’s lives at risk,” he said in a press conference reported by local newspaper The Wichita Eagle.

According to court papers, Mr Gaskill and Mr Viner fell out while playing Call of Duty: World War II in late December 2017.

Mr Viner allegedly became so angry that he asked a third party. Mr Barriss, to “swat” Mr Gaskill.

It is claimed that Mr Gaskill provided details of an address he owned in Kansas, but which was being let to another man – Andrew Finch.

Armed officers visited the home in Kansas and when Mr Finch, who knew nothing of the dispute, answered the door he was fatally shot as police believed his movements showed he was reaching for a weapon.

Mr Viner and Mr Gaskill are due back in court on 13 June.