BvB Roaring Across to Lead DeFi 5.0


With the rapid development of digital economy in the world, blockchain,as the beloved of the new era, has attracted worldwide attention. As a dark horse project in 2020, BvB has not only built a brand-new digital economy system, but also reconstructed a new financial form and won the favor and support of a number of big names in the industry.

BvB is initiated by practitioners of traditional financial institutions and top encryption technicians in blockchain industry, and created by decentralized autonomous organizations. The ultimate vision of BvB is to create a digital economy with open value, sharing, security and high encryption for global users.

After in-depth understanding, the platform is highlighted by the creation of a strong token value, which provides rich income prospects for the massive investors.

First of all, the issuance of BvB only amounts to 50 million, which will never be increased and will be halved once a year. That means 1.98 million BvB will be mined every month in the first year, 990,000 every month in the second year, and 495,000 every month in the third year. With the raising number of currency holders and compulsory halving mechanism, the market circulation of BvB will be increasingly limited obviously due to the small issuance quantity and the reducing mining output year by year, thus making BvB hard to access.

Furthermore, 20% of the income within the platform ecology will repurchase BvB for destruction on a regular basis through the “Black Hole Destruction” intelligent contract set up by the platform, i.e., 20% of the income of the seven major sectors in the platform ecology, namely global payment card, online mall, OTC block transaction, digital financial lending, digital asset transaction, project incubation and Hashrate mining, will be used to repurchase BvB for regular destruction to promote benign deflation within the BvB platform ecology.

At the mean time, BvB has truly realized the link between digital assets and business scenario applications, and has become a booster for the transformation of entity industries.

The global digital asset payment card launched by BvB platform supports digital asset management such as charging, withdrawal, transfer, bill, operation record and asset aggregation of digital assets in general blockchain such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and BvB, which perfectly integrates online payment and offline purchase system, and supports the digital asset circulation of 80 million online merchants, thus being a direct bridge for digital economy to integrate entity industries.

BvB is of great circulation value. It can operate efficiently in the seven major sectors in the ecology, and the public chain design principle of BvB DeFi is a new financial form that takes digital value bearing and cross-chain value transmission as key elements and technology and financial innovation as core driving force to accelerate the reconstruction of value circulation.

BvB has reached a consensus with the global mainstream exchanges, and will cooperate with a number of well-known mainstream exchanges around the world to fully promote the market liquidity of BvB. It is believed that BvB will be launched in major exchanges in the near future.

BvB is committed to creating a world-class digital asset circulation ecosystem for global users, comprehensively deploying online digital economic circulation and offline physical industry transformation, and continuously improving the circulation value of BvB. We will take the advantages of DeFi for global users to obtain autonomous and equal financial services to lead the DeFi 5.0 era, and create unlimited economic benefits and continuous asset appreciation! The journey of BvB is stars of the universe. Let’s wait and see! For details, please click