Breaking! A new generation of encrypted stable currency-QUSD is released


It is understood that the new generation of encrypted stable currency QUSD created by the American international real estate company Escobar will be issued on August 8 this year. In addition to being functionally the same as USDT, GUSD and PAX, its technical team claimed The added POS mechanism makes the outside world full of unlimited expectations for QUSD.

Although there are already many stable currencies in the existing market, it is not difficult to find that the market is constantly controversial about them. The blind expansion of the number of issuances, the rejection of verification and review by audit companies, and the role of boring transaction media have made more and more Many users expressed dissatisfaction with them.

The emergence of QUSD will improve the stable currency ecological environment. QUSD is a fully collateralized stable currency against the U.S. dollar. It provides detailed financial and operational transparency and operates within the framework of the U.S. Currency Circulation Law. It also works with many banks. The agency and the audit team work together. Its developers stated that QUSD has a unique smart algorithm, and the addition of POS (Proof of Stake Mechanism) has allowed stablecoins to add rich financial attributes, which will enable it to stand out in the fierce market competition in the future and become widely used in the global market. The stable currency used.

Strong capital operation guarantee:

Escobar International Real Estate Co., Ltd. has raised US$2.4 billion in a year as the initial operating-level reserve guarantee for QUSD. Escobar Real Estate Co., Ltd. will strictly abide by the 1:1 reserve reserve to determine the number of QUSD circulating in the market. Every QUSD in circulation will have its bank account The US$1 reserve is a guarantee and is a fully collateralized stablecoin against the US dollar.

At present, it has cooperated with a number of banks, public credit institutions, firms and audit teams, and will regularly publish monthly audit reports in major international firms or banks and public credit departments to reflect its own dollar reserve holdings. Escobar’s first audit report was published by Friedman LLP (USDT’s first financial audit report agency and the world’s top-ranked agency).

Top technology encryption upgrade:

QUSD is currently the strongest stable currency, and it is optimized and upgraded based on the highlights of the two major stable currencies, USDT and USDC.

QUSD is currently developed on ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition to payment transactions with other tokens, it can also be used for smart contracts, so that DAPP can support legal tender. At the same time, Escobar will use the equivalent data to store the QUSD transaction information in an independent distributed ledger through OP RETURN.

According to relevant internal testers, they hope to create QUSD as a stable currency that can be interoperable in all public chain networks, allowing users to interact with more DAPP platforms, which will make the stable currency market ecology a A valuable area.

About Escobar:

Escobar International Real Estate was established in 1987 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with regional headquarters in New York, London and Sydney. Currently, it has opened 396 offices in 47 countries around the world and has approximately 13,000 employees. Escobar Real Estate provides various services to commercial real estate users, owners, and investors. The company’s main services include consulting, investment services, project organization, property and asset management, etc.