Break through the Dull Period and Create an Intelligent Ecosystem with “ANGEL”


With the development of global economy and the arrival of information technology era, the business space of enterprises is expanding。 On the other hand, the business environment is becoming more and more dynamic.
In the era of national network, technology without real materials cannot stand firmly in the wave of Internet, and there is no way to obtain user support in the market. As a digital technology, blockchain takes the lead in the field of finance. It has been extended to many industrial fields such as Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain management.

On February 26, AICC officially landed on the ABIT exchange for the first time and showed up in the public. According to official news, it has opened the first round of 10 million units subscription. The impact of the epidemic which make market should have been relatively stable. But why does AICC stand up and not fear the risks faced by the market in the dull period. What is the origin of Angel International Capital Chain?
Angel international capital chain (here short for “AICC”) is a basic blockchain ecosystem to realize the interconnection of intelligent data assets. Reconstruction of information value credibility and trust mechanism is the core business and founding mission of AICC. It can be information-oriented and directly driven by demand data. It is an open ecological structure that integrates security, convenience, science and intelligence, optimizes the allocation of resources and energy, and maximizes the quality of products. It deeply integrates blockchain technology and industry.

Why does ABIT exchange choose AICC?
ABIT is an exchange founded in Australia, which is committed to providing secure, stable and efficient digital asset trading services for global users. For the digital asset trading platform, the standard of judging product quality is extremely comprehensive. AICC is rooted in the realization of the basic blockchain of intelligent data asset interconnection and the new financial closed-loop ecosystem. So, it must be the first choice of the blockchain digital asset platform.

According to official news, AICC officially launched the ABIT exchange on February 26 to launch the first round of subscription. Users can apply for purchase from 11:00 on February 26 to 18:00 on February 29 (GMT + 8). The supply of this round of subscription is 10 million AICC, and the subscription price is 0.008usdt/ AICC. Although the first round of subscription time is limited, in terms of circulation, AICC is based on distributed account book deployment and its circulation in the market is inevitable.
In addition, AICC also has a lot of research on team cooperation and technical attainments. It is composed of blockchain system and Internet system with blockchain technology as the underlying logic and trust mechanism, which is forming a closed-loop financial ecosystem of blockchain network with information symmetry and value equivalence.

Landing application scenario to changing market status:

At present, the platform economy has become the most typical and widely used economic form, and its influence and penetration on the traditional economy are increasing. The rapid scale and market concentration of the platform economy not only shape the efficiency advantage, but also cause the concern that hinder the benign competition, infringe on the interests of consumers, and cause the inequality of the interests of users.
The original intention of AICC is to break the monopoly. AICC is a participatory economic model to build a digital economy integrated with the real economy is breaking the monopoly of the digital economy.

In the aspect of practical application in the market, the most basic service of AICC is to support digital assets. All kinds of user’s ownership can be digitized through the way of chain so to realize the chain mapping of real ownership. Secondly, for enterprise users, AICC can provide collective storage and associated account address for device identity to realize global device authentication service.

Technology changes life and AICC create the future.

AICC as an international circulation system platform uses the Internet and Blockchain Domain Technology, breaking the monopoly of financial capital and building an international digital capital circulation system, with Ten advantages of technology, application, circulation, carrier, operation, storage, promotion, traffic, time and social interaction, among which these two advantages lead the AICC to the future. The following are:
First, security AICC is a union application that has successfully integrated the Internet, mobile Internet, blockchain, 5G communication, cloud computing, big data, AI technology. The platform realizes the innovative application scenario of stable bottom support, compatible, safe, stable and efficient operation. This is the technological advantage of alliance chain.

Second, AICC is an alliance chain based on the three basic public chain main network systems of blockchain. Its core value runs on the chain of the basic public chain, realizing the Multi Chain and cross chain of the three public chains, carrying the compatible decentralized application platform (AICC wallet). This is the application advantage of AICC wallet.

AICC is born to break financial capital monopoly! AICC comes to serve users! Unique individual control is the future of blockchain industry development and the best development prospect of AICC.

Look around the world and win market trust

The aim of AICC is to establish a fair innovation financial ecosystem. Through the introduction of third-party credit regulatory agencies combined with blockchain application technology。AICC will continue to develop and deploy intelligent life-oriented applications to solve practical problems and maintain the value foundation of AICC through the value-added application within the system so to solve the imbalance of information caused by the Internet industry, as well as the problems of trust crisis.

In the future, it will continue to promote cooperation with global blockchain practitioners, traditional enterprises and institutions to build a safe, mutual trust and efficient bridge between participants in the global intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, to lead the global manufacturing industry for creating a revolutionary and new production relationship. And it uses advanced technology to create a healthy and complex blockchain industry intelligent ecosystem.