Born and Elegant International Book Club Signing for Thousands, the Latest Smash Hit of Global Intellectual Bank!

Born and Elegant International Book Club signing for thousands is the latest smash hit of Global Intellectual Bank. The knowledge economic era is the global trend of 21 century. Many professionals are exposed to the transition, which is not just a career transition, but a three-dimensional cognitive transformation. The knowledge economic era is a global trend and how to stand out of it has always been a question for many people. A lot of activities carried out by the Born and Elegant Book Club will accelerate the transformation of intellectual professionals in Shanghai.


The Born and Elegant Book Club is a high-end book club based on knowledge management focus on membership’s knowledge management, the problems of how to choose books that can improve professional skills and how to enrich myself. The book club shows the best platform for global professionals for knowledge sharing. ” The Born and Elegant Book Club is established in memory of the queen of education- SARA JANE, aims to be able to make the intellectuals all over the world pay more attention to self-improvement”, says the person in charge.

Knowledge is power. We gathered up the top mentors around the world such as Harvard Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Oxford and other well-known professors to teach cinema, and will cooperate with a lot of excellent foreign authors to carry out conferences for new books. In the future, the book club will have its own special fund, AGETHA &SARA FOUNDATION, to raise funds for reading and improve the global knowledge management. SARA JANE attaches great importance to education. Harvard Business School and the top etiquette school in Switzerland represent her high standard of education quality. But it is a problem to make the global education pattern better, for this, her studio SJ STYLE is concentrated on building a global intelligence bank. AGETHA LEE, the sponsor, global president, and CEO of New York of global intellectual bank told reporters, “The Born and Elegant Book Club will bring SARA JANE’s education ideas to the world. Then there will be no national boundary for education. The Global Intelligence Bank is based on the integration of global high-end knowledge community, such as the Nobel Prize winners, top CEOs, well-known professors at the university, skilled professionals and so on. They will join us to complete some global mobility projects.”


Born and Elegant Book Club will take root in 20 countries in the future and cover the global scope of knowledge management. AGETHA LEE, the founder of book and the co-founder, SARA JANE, The global knowledge management service will wholeheartedly promote the global knowledge management services and bring high-quality education to all parts of the world.