Board Secretary of XnMatrix, Cecilia Ma, Will Attend ABS2020 and Interpret the Decentralized Cloud Computing Blue Ocean Market


The Asian Blockchain Alliance will hold the first virtual summit, which is also the third annual Asian Blockchain Summit from July 15th to 19th, 2020. Professionals from leading industry start-ups, investment firms, financial services giants, financial services giants, global brands, academic institutions, international media and policy groups will gather virtually to discuss the evolving real-world applications of blockchain technology at ABS2020.

The ABS2020 Virtual Summit will conduct a five-day of online presentations, discussions and networking concerning the most important business development, technological innovations and public policy issues. It will feature more than 200 speakers and more than 20,000 attendees laying the foundation for the developing blockchain ecosystem. 

Cecilia Ma, Board Secretary of XnMatrix, will attend the summit and deliver a keynote speech on Battle without war:Decentralized Cloud Computing— fleet on the blue ocean of brave new world on July 19th

What new challenges does massive data bring?

How will decentralized cloud computing lead a new era?

Where are we in the trillion-dollar blue ocean market?

What is the core technology of xnmatrix?

What kind of decentralized ecosystem does XnMatrix create?

Speech Time:July 19th


About XnMatrix:

XnMatrix,a global leading decentralized cloud computing platform and infrastructure in the era of artificial intelligence. It Provides one stop services such as decentralized AI cloud computing solutions, Dex and Defi services, as well as SAAS/PAAS system for crypto and blockchain companies to meet various needs of the accelerated development in the future. Any organization, individual or startup can use our platform to develop a cloud computing business at a lower cost than traditional platform. XnMatrix will face the challenges with security and credibility and become a new generation of underlying infrastructure in the era of AI and big data.