BMDGE Will Rebuild the Biotechnology Industry with Blockchain Technology


According to statistics from the World Health Organization, the global incidence of birth defects in low-income countries is 6.42%, and that in middle-income countries is 5.57% and 4.72% in high-income countries. Currently, there are more than 8,000 birth defects known, mainly due to genetic mutations. Because of this, birth defects have become a major public health issue that is of great concern to all countries in the world. Reducing the rate of birth defects and conducting effective interventions from the source of genes have attracted widespread attention from scientists and public health organizations worldwide.

Thus, gene sequencing that covers early screening, auxiliary diagnosis and targeted therapy is being noticed, and so as the precision medical industry. The demand for health management based on ancestral judgment derived from gene sequencing results, risk assessment of genetic diseases, and chronic disease prevention is also increasing. A huge life economy market with a valuation of 10 trillion US dollars can be expected.

How can people deal with such a huge market demand? Actually, biotechnology industry is an innovative economy based on the acquisition of life big data, information transmission and cloud computing, and blockchain technology can perfectly turn these into reality.

BMDGE is the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform for the biomedical industry with over 5 years’ experience in the Information & Biomedical Technology sector. Founders are from the well-known D&D Group of Cambodia, and known for accelerating international startups and pioneering mainstream services for large MNCs in new. The emerging markets, time and opportunity aligned for BMDGE to pioneer in the biomedical sector.

BMDGE believes that based on the features of blockchain technology such as consensus, decentralization, openness and transparency, non-tamperability, and private computing, it completely solves the needs for the safe storage of personal gene data, confirmation of sovereignty, and privacy protection. Thus, in addition to providing a platform for technical experts to conduct research, it also cooperates with outstanding projects in the industry.

At this stage, there are many projects focused on biotechnology, but very few breakthroughs have been made. BMDGE found that CMS (Chromosome) is one of the projects that can use blockchain technology to solve the pain points of biotechnology industry.

CMS (Chromosome) is the world’s first blockchain project that applies blockchain technology to the life and health entity industry. It uses the characteristics of consensus, decentralization, anonymous transactions, openness and transparency, non-tamperability, and privacy calculations to build a new business model for existed gene technology, which makes each ecological role not only the main body of value creation, but also a cooperative community of interests.

It’s reported that CMS (Chromosome) provides a platform for scientific research personnel to develop COVID-19 vaccines,and shares the sales revenue with CMS holders. What’s more, investors can enjoy bonus and investment income from holding CMS(Chromosome) token in the near future.

After much thought, BMDGE chooses to become a partner with CMS(Chromosome), and plans to jointly use blockchain technology to create a new business model that may reshape the market structure of biotechnology industry.

What’s more, based on powerful blockchain technology, innovative business models, and unique token economy, BMDGE is aiming to use blockchain technology innovations to promote the development of global life sciences and genetic technology, thereby creating huge commercial value and benefiting the healthy life of all mankind.

BMDGE strives to be the first analytical platform which acquires and assimilates ground breaking new algorithms that will automatically analyze numerous coins and exchanges. And shortlists some selected high-performance coins and derivatives for its members to trade.

BMDGE decentralizes and democratizes traditional interactions with cryptocurrency finance and trading platforms by creating a revolutionary, intuitive new platform that puts trading power and potential at the fingertips of its clients, regardless of how inexperienced they may or may not be in cryptocurrency trading. Eliminating the need for intermediary advisors, brokers and traders, thereby personalizing the whole experience from start to finish, BMDGE will be a disruption of the conventional trading paradigm yet still provide maximum transparency in the process.