BMDGE Will Help CMS (Chromosome)Take Over the Future of Gene Technology


“Except for trauma, all diseases are related to genes.”, said by Tonegawa Susumu, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1987. In 2003, when humans first completed whole-genome sequencing (the “Human Genome Project” HGP), it took 13 years and cost 3.8 billion U.S. dollars. Now with the rapid development of gene sequencing technology, the cost of sequencing has been reduced.

Many celebrities have benefited from gene sequencing. Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004, doctors once stated that his chance of living a year was less than 10%. Through the interpretation of all his genes and tumor tissues, on which he spent about US$100,000, he learned about the unique genes and molecular characteristics of tumor. Since then, the medical team has re-developed a treatment plan for him, choosing specific drugs to reduce the frequency of cell cancerous molecules, allowing him to successfully extend his life for 7 years. The same thing happened to Sergey Brin and Angelina Jolie Voight.

It’s plain to see that gene technology will definitely affect the future development of mankind.In particular, when genomics is combined with emerging technologies represented by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and blockchain, it will be a new technological big bang. Genetic data will be widely used in precision medicine, post-illness rehabilitation, health management, new drug research and development, etc. The life and health industry driven by genetic big data will become the growth engine of the innovative economy.

CMS (Chromosome), a great undertaking that uses genetic technology to benefit human health, have focused on the vertical field of blockchain & gene technology for a long time.

And BMDGE, the world’s first cryptocurrency trading platform that serves the biomedical industry, found great value of both CMS (Chromosome) and genetic technology.

As a growing trading platform, BMDGE emerged at the top of the crpto market with the concept of focusing on biomedical industry, high efficiency, and emphasis on security. It perfectly integrates the advantages of centralized and decentralized transactions-strong liquidity and high security, credibility and transparency, and balance development with fairness and efficiency. BMDGE aims to enable traders and investors to share the wealth brought by blockchain technology, while at the same time obtaining richer, reliable and safe trading services.

In order to solve the problem of information security in biomedicine, the launch of BMDGE helps biomedicine to transform to blockchain technology and provides transaction services for blockchain projects related to the biomedical industry.

So why BMDGE believe that CMS (Chromosome) can take over the future of gene technology?

Based on powerful blockchain technology, innovative business models, and unique token economy, CMS (Chromosome)is aiming to creating the world’s largest comprehensive Genome phenotype data storage platform. Using genetic technology innovations to promote the development of global life sciences and promote the wide application in the fields of genetic technology and life and health, thereby creating huge commercial value and benefiting the healthy life of all mankind.

-Three aspects for CMS (Chromosome)to achieve its goals

In terms of technical system implementation, CMS (Chromosome)is based on the characteristics of consensus, decentralization, anonymous transactions, openness and transparency, non-tamperability, and privacy calculations. It uses cryptography technology to completely solve the safe storage of personal data, confirm sovereignty, and protect privacy, providing a strong technical guarantee for the long-term stable and sustainable development of CMS.

In terms of business model design, CMS (Chromosome)is the world’s first blockchain project that applies blockchain technology to the life and health entity industry. The use of blockchain cryptography and privacy trusted computing technology realizes the wide application needs of individual users and commercial organizations on the premise of ensuring data security and privacy. At the same time, the use of the blockchain token economic incentive mechanism has realized that each ecological role is not only the main body of value creation, but also a community of mutual interests. Based on the potential huge commercial value of whole-genome phenotype data, CMS (Chromosome)has realized the perfect link between health and wealth.

In terms of the token economy design, CMS (Chromosome)has built an economic system with life and health business ecology as the core, and has adapted a complete token issuance and release management mechanism, incentive measures and specific reward mechanisms, token applications and transaction circulation scenarios to form a huge value consensus. As the stored whole-genome phenotype data and the business application value continues to increase, CMS (Chromosome)will surely maintain the ability to continuously create value.

The blockchain project CMS (Chromosome) will truly open up a billion dollar market for biomedical industry, and BMDGE is ready for the future.