BMDGE-Integrates Biotechnology Industry with Blockchain Technology


Few years ago, the European Association for Bioindustries (EuropaBio) published a survey of the biotechnology industry in Europe, i.e. the EU15 plus Norway and Switzerland (EU15plus). According to this study, there were 1,976 biotechnology companies in the EU15plus in 1993, with around 94,000 employees and revenues of €19 billion. Some 51% of the turnover was attributable to the biotechnology industry.

Around the world, the biotechnology industry led by genetic technology is becoming a blue ocean market with great potential. Scientists believe that if 100,000 human whole-genome data can be recorded, it will become a valuable resource for precision medicine, biopharmaceuticals, and scientific research. If the biotechnology industry driven by genetic big data will explode, how should people deal with such a huge life economy market with a valuation of 10 trillion US dollars?

Biotechnology industry is an innovative economy based on the acquisition of life big data, information transmission and cloud computing. And BMDGE, the world’s first digital currency trading platform for the biotechnology industry, is ready to integrates biomedical technology with blockchain technology.

BMDGE believes that based on the features of blockchain technology such as consensus, decentralization, openness and transparency, non-tamperability, and private computing, it completely solves the needs for the safe storage of personal gene data, confirmation of sovereignty, and privacy protection. The vision that combines biomedical treatment and blockchain technology will fully achieve the goal of trustworthiness, traceability, long-term stability and sustainable development.

In order to solve the problem of information security in biomedicine, the launch of BMDGE helps biomedicine to transform to blockchain technology and provides transaction services for blockchain projects related to the biomedical industry.

BMDGE is cooperating with CMS (Chromosome), the first global project that apply blockchain technology to the life and health entity industry. The project is aiming to create the world’s largest comprehensive genome phenotype data storage platform. Using genetic technology innovations to promote the development of global life sciences and promote the wide application in the fields of genetic technology. Thereby CMS is creating huge commercial value and benefiting the healthy life of all mankind.

With the continuous expansion and improvement of the CMS (Chromosome) business ecosystem, the number of stored genome-wide phenotype data will continue to increase, which will surely further promote the token with the ability to constantly create value.

In the near future, BMDGE will continue to launch more and more high-quality biomedical blockchain projects, which will greatly reduce the threshold for investors to participate in the biotechnology industry and provide investors with a safe and stable trading platform.