Blockchain strikes the grass field! 2018 CryptoWorldCup starts to sweeping the world.

You might have already heard of a blockchain game named CryptoKitties, a game that crushed the market with a hundreds of billions worth online blockchain game.


After experiencing Cryptocurrency rapid growth and the rising popularity of CryptoKitties, blockchain games are being developed one after another. Now a new game CryptoWorldCup, which is also based on the blockchain technology is sweeping the world. It allows gamers to use cryptocurrency to purchase and to “own” the World Cup finals national teams. No matter if they are the followers of blockchain and digital currency, speculators and investors seeking opportunities or real soccer fans, they all have extremely high expectations of the game.



On the official website of CryptoWorldCup(  gamers can purchase national teams through blockchain constructed smart contract.  It allows everyone to purchase national teams using cryptocurrencies at any time. If new players who want to purchase the teams that are already owned by previous players, they must pay double the price. Once the new player buys off a team, the money buyers paid will be automatically credited to the original owners’ account.


Which means if someone else is willing to pay double the price of which you paid, you don’t own the team anymore. Of course you will be granted the profit this transaction made you. This is a game that allow you to use blockchain technology to participate in the World Cup games at the same time you earn profits in the Ethereum.



According to the introductions on the official website, every national team owner has not only the privilege to enjoy short term economic model of overflowing price exiting, but also profit from match results guessing system, price pool splitting and so on. From the various communities of gamers of this game, high expectations and hopes are being put on the game not only because of the game has covered two major hot spots, which are World Cup and blockchain, but also because of its unique economic model, describe to be “always serving around the players’ desires”.


As the developers start a global wide warm up pre-sale, there is a rapid growing user community on all the major social medias all around the world. It is easy to presume that a great amount of users are waiting for the national teams to be released for trading. And the teams with high chance to win the World Cup championship are expected to be speculated to a sky-high price. Previously in the game CryptoCountries, which has the same category as this one, the most expensive country Japan was being speculated to a price of 800 ETH. For now we think it is really not hard for the teams that have a high chance to win the World Cup championship, such as Germany, Brazil and Spain, to exceed the price of 800 ETH. Of course there are also teams with super star players such as Portuguese led by Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentina led by Messi, maybe the CryptoWorldCup can refresh all the records made by previous blockchain games because of the World Cup hotspot.


The rising trend of Cryptocurrency has obviously sweeping around the world, attracting all kinds of people who desire to join this hotspot. This game is already a hot shot among speculators and World Cup fans and it is considered the most popular blockchain game. Some people claim, except for combining blockchain, cryptocurrency and World Cup elements, this game is very similar to the famous classic game Monopoly. Being the writer of this article, I personally suppose that very soon, the CryptoWorldCup will be a phenotype blockchain applied game after the CryptoKitties.