Blockchain platform “HOLD” acquired by a Singapore fund


On July 28, according to the informed source, the Chinese blockchain traffic platform “HOLD” was recently acquired by a Singapore cryptocurrency fund. The specific amount of the acquisition remains unknown.

“HOLD” is a blockchain information and market consultation platform, which was set up in 2018. Only two years after establishment , its APP users have exceeded 700,000, and it has been widely followedin the industry.

Regarding this acquisition, Roc Wang, the founder of First Step Capital and who serves as the financial advisor this time, claimed that the current stream competition is extremely fierce in the industry, and this move tells that the industry’s traffic battle has entered into a new stage.

“At the time when traffic is exhausted, the acquisition and integration becomes an inevitable trend. Like Binance’s acquisition of CoinmarketCap and Bibox’s acquisition of Mytoken, the acquisition of “HOLD” represents the general trend.”

It is understood that after the acquisition, “HOLD” will continue to maintain independent operations, expand product directions, launch new brand upgrade activities, and weigh more on market to assist investors through decision-making process.