Blockchain Movement — Financial Innovation Platform.


A massive “blockchain movement”, like a tidal wave, carrying everyone around. The debate over the blockchain has not stopped from last year to this year, Is block chain, as its advocate Chen Weixing puts it-“the spring of mankind”, “the antidote to the global economic collapse” or, as its skeptic Zhu Xiaohu puts it, “a fake tuyere with nothing left but speculation.”

On the afternoon of March 8, reporter “China Entrepreneur” exclusively interviewed Cai Yige, general manager of Tencent’s block chain business, in the office of Tencent Tower in Shenzhen. As early as three years ago, Tencent had begun to build a research and development team on the block chain. In an interview, Cai Yige told reporters from a rational and pragmatic point of view, “Block chain is a good technology, but it is not a panacea. It is not the only weapon that can solve all problems. However good it is, it must be combined with ecology and infrastructure to play its value. From the customer’s point of view, don’t deify it, nor underestimate its influence. Please be patient. .”

IVIC(Investment Industry chain is an investment fund financial innovation platform developed by the investment banking chain team, dedicated to creating a world of investment funds with block chain financial innovation. Combine the obvious trend of the business model foundation and platform dominance of the cryptographic world with the possibility of new technologies. Its emergence will help hone the investment bank’s chain of spear attacks on the market. Make IVIC fund one of the most profitable financial instruments. We believe that block chain is the innovator in the investment field, whether it is technical level or investment, it will directly link those destructive ideas to the search for investment. It is now possible to invest in disruptive technology at a very early stage.

Team members include:


A batch of social elites!!

The investment banking chain’s mission is to pander to high-margin investors, not in the old economy. This will be achieved through a simple and reliable entry point, providing them with good experience, which is critical to maintaining their investment in a new economy. With your help, the investment banking chain will bring fresh capital to the distributed economy, provide capital for exciting new projects, and increase the value of digital assets.