Blockchain DHG winds its horn, and is about to face the world for crowd funding


Recently, the US-Japan transnational blockchain research and development team released a blockchain DHG project white paper, attracting much attention from a lot of media and industry insiders. The team announced that DHG is about to start crowd funding around the world.

In accordance with the contents of the white paper, DHG (Distributed Hybrid Global) is a platform for blockchain technology comprehensive application, integrating UTXO, Sidechain, Merge Mining, Smart Contract and many other blockchain frontier technologies, improving and expanding the blockchain underlying protocol, and constructing development prototype of Internet of Things.

“DHG presents the next-generation blockchain technology containing Sidechain technology, Merge Mining, SPV verification mode, and Smart Contract, namely the blockchain 3.0 age”, said Daniel Gibson, the designer of DHG blockchain. While as DHG research and development team revealed, in order to ensure the feasibility of the scenario application, DHG has realized a breakthrough both in transaction capacity and in transaction speed, whose speed is far more than that of Bitcoin with 5 pieces of transaction processing per second and a processing confirmation per 10 minutes, and it will open up PC wallet, APP wallet and web wallet, so as to achieve cross-platform convenient application for users.

“The previous blockchain technology focuses more on consensus mechanism optimization, algorithm improvement and other technological levels, and less on the actual scenario application”, said Dwight D. Aldrich, the DHG market application expert, “while DHG has not only achieved a major breakthrough in technology, but also will realize an important value in many applications.”

He also said, “imagine that our future houses, cars and some others become the assets on the blockchain, there is no need to provide identity ID for checking in the hotel and buying tickets, securities transactions no longer need the long and complex coordination and settlement by the bank, security company, exchanges and other institutions, and identity authentication, health management, notarization, judicial arbitration, voting, lending system can no longer be forged, what a funny world it will be! So in order to realize this great dream earlier, we decide to open up ICO around the world.”

It is reported that the blockchain DHG global crowd funding will be implemented regionally, and the first station maybe set in Japan.

The quoted comments from Reuters -“DHG will realize its important value in digital assets, data authentic right, blockchain finance, social governance and other application scenarios”, perhaps this DHG global crowd funding deserves expectation.