Block chain artificial intelligence development direction

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet of things and the Internet of things, especially the mobile Internet after 2012, the geometric explosion of data generated on the line has increased. Global data storage is set to reach 40ZB in 2020, 14 times more than previously estimated, and the CAGR for 2016-2020 is about 40. In the future, as the age of interconnection opens, the generation and accumulation of data will accelerate. And the data dimension will be more abundant, which will provide more learning materials for machine learning, which will accelerate the breakthrough of artificial intelligence.

The Project Ture block chain protocol is customized for artificial intelligence and provides a block-chain platform for the deployment of artificial intelligence. More data and resources, including computational power, can be shared without worrying about privacy and security. And being taken away by competitors. The use and recording are distributed in a huge, central computer network. Artificial intelligence technology provides users, developers with the ability to learn, and users can constantly improve their artificial intelligence. Developers can use artificial intelligence algorithms and computational power to provide better services to users. The participation of all makes artificial intelligence systems progress faster and more powerful. Each TURE is generated by the original owner, control and management. Everyone in the use of their Ture at the same time, also contributed data and resources for the whole system, and thus profit.Project Ture block chain protocol has three modules: authentication, intelligent network, data storage, according to block chain data to develop a new type of digital currency, Turing currency.

Data and application development platform for creating block chain artificial intelligence
Through data validation, artificial intelligence developers can block false files and data on Ture networks, even if users authorize developers to deploy on other applications using their Ture on setup, Artificial intelligence developers can still track their Project Ture activities to ensure that their Ture is not maliciously used. Moreover, both developers and users will be paid in an open and transparent manner. These actions will be recorded in the block chain.
Turing currency in a peer-to-peer network connected to the computer, the application owners and individual users (“request”) rent to other users of the resources (“supplier”) machine. These resources can be used in calculating time and the capacity of any number of tasks. Today, these resources provided by centralized cloud providers, these the supplier has closed network, proprietary payment system and the supply operation limit hard encoding. In addition, the core characteristics of the built-in set of Turing currency is a special transaction system based on Ethernet, it supports the request, direct payment between providers and software developers.

The birth of Turing coin will refresh the innovation of Internet artificial intelligence, lead the data application development platform of block chain artificial intelligence, and become the fifth apple that affects the world.