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Cryptocurrency is at second stage,marching to third stage.

      According to Diffusion of Innovation theory, which outline how a new technological and other advancements spread throughout societies and cultures, from introduction to wider-adoption. The main people in the diffusion of innovations theory are:Innovators、Early adopters、Early majority、Late majority and Laggards.

Fig 1: User base distribution

Cryptocurrency now has moved towards second stage(early adopters).early adopters are responsible for evangelizing its utility to mainstream audiences.this is exactly what Bitwired is doing.

The reason we believe we are on second stage is as follows:

Statistically, we use Number of Accounts to measure cryptoasset’s user base. According to research from Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, until 2018 Q3, there are 139 million user accounts has been created at crypto service providers,representing an estimate minimum of 35 million ID-verified users. With the development in last two years and estimated 10%(exponent growh rather than linner growth)increase in users number each year, it is safe to say the user base is above 40 million, it is only 3% of traditional finance trade user base,therefore we enter the early-adoptor stage but still at a very early time.

three stage for cryptocurrency to spread,we are on Stage 3.

Stage 1:Recognize BTC,the price bump to 500 times higher than original. Because of  its ability to make a fortune, some early users starts to participate.   

Stage 2:ICO started and spread. With the appearance of ICO, a mature industrial chain is created:more token with more users, more users trade in exchange, more token list in exchange,then more users,etc. Therefore, the whole user base is expanding and getting mature.

Stage 3:Defi is born because of Technology Innovation. Defi reduce the token-list waiting time and increase the trade efficiency. What is more important, it break the traditional match logic, instead it use fund pool to trade. Defi make the world see that cryptocurrency can bring innovation and show a huge potential in the future.

Solving Defi and Cefi problem will help cryptocurrency spread faster

Despite the trade volume is still soaring, it does not necessarily means that cryptocurrency has gain approval from users. For example , although Defi   increase the list and trade efficiency, it also make the user trade activity less convenient. And despite Cefi can increase user experience, there are still low-efficiency list and lack of transparent when it comes to data . So we need to solve those two problem ,it will help cryptocurrency to expand.

Bitwired solve low-efficiency problem and high-transfer fee problem

Bitwired exchange provide the self-help token list service and free air-drop service.First,you will have your token listed in Bitwired in less than an hour ,solving the token online efficiency problem. Secondly,you can give coin to your target users without any fee,solving the high-transaction trade fee problem.

Bitwired is registered in Singapore.We have the license of Finance Services  in USA and Canada. Bitwired is dedicated to provide a efficiency、transparent as well as an equal exchange for everyone.We will build the MerkleTree based on verifing technology in blockchain, and build a system that make sure users’ asset is 100% safe. The whole team set safety as priority,hold the duty of assisting digital currency. Bitwired firmly believe we are a promising exchange.

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