Bitsonic partnered with CLT to join De-Fi boom


Crypto Exchange, Bitsonic, has confirmed a partnership with CLT to provide liquidity mining and a broader range of De-Fi services for Bitsonic users.

According to Bitsonic team, Bitsonic will officially list their own token BSC (Bitsonic Coin) against Etheurium on Uniswap to join the global De-Fi rocket, and their first step to De-Fi market is with CLT, Centralized Exchange’s Liquidity Token.

CLT is a Liquidity Mining Service Provider and recently launched its first Dapp “ShowKase”.

ShowKase is a Staking dapp that aims to provide decentralization and greater liquidity for centralized exchange’s tokens by rewarding the CLT participants.

CLT’s rewarding system is fully automated through smart contract. Users can join CLT’s dedicated liquidity pool in Uniswap and receive a uniquely labeled Uni-V2. If the Uni-V2 is deposited to Showkase for a set term and users get the reward on a pro-rata basis.

CLT Liquidity Mining Process

“Bitsonic, as a leading crypto exchange in South Korea, we must anticipate how the market would change.” Says Bitsonic CEO Jinwook Shin. “We have seen many cases of how De-Fi can serve the market’s needs. We are delighted to announce that Bitsonic is joining CLT’s liquidity mining program as the first step to the De-Fi market, and we will also launch a banking grade De-Fi services with our second De-Fi partner soon.”

Bitsonic will announce their second De-Fi partner in few weeks to utilize Bitsonic Coin further.