Bitglobal Adopted Multiple Risk Mitigation Strategies for Digital Asset Traders


In recent years, the return from investment on digital assets is much higher than that on stocks, foreign exchanges, gold, real estate and other markets.  While digital asset trading platforms create numerous billionaires, subsequent dramatic price fluctuations and investment risks scare away many investors who are willing to try such a trading. Bitglobal, a Bitcoin buying and selling platform, mitigates risks for digital asset trading.


Since 2016, the price of Bitcoin has soared by 600% and long-term Bitcoin investors raked in huge profits.  However, Bitcoin has seen price drop since mid-June this year and the price even dropped by 10%.  As a result, traditional asset investment has become more appealing to investors, even though digital asset investment may generate more profitable returns than such traditional assets as stocks, foreign exchanges, gold and real estate. Bitglobal, a global online platform for digital asset selling and buying, recently took a series of risk mitigation steps for digital assets traders.


“Price fluctuations bring fat profits and big risks at the same time.  Investors wish to maintain and increase the value of their assets while making any investments. Our trading platform, Bitglobal was formed to meet investors’ demands.  As of now, Bitglobal supports the trading of BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, ZCASH, DASH, GBC and many other coins.  In addition to various coin trading, we are planning to introduce anonymous spot gold transaction related services in the future”, said a top executive of Bitglobal.


“Bitglobal aims to connect traditional asset trading and digital asset trading, and break the barriers that hinder the exchange between gold and digital currency.  Our ultimate goal is to realize the full potential of global application of digital currency,” said Ivan Xie, CEO of Bitglobal.


Bitglobal, which maintains long-term partnerships with gold exchanges in Hong Kong, Switzerland, and London, allows customers to place their orders in certain gold exchanges right after they purchase gold with digital currency, and make cash withdrawal from big local banks.  The purchased gold, which is fully insured, can be deposited with banks.  When customers pick up their gold, insurance and delivery services will be provided, the owners of the global trading platform confirmed recently.


Bitglobal utilizes the anonymity feature of the blockchain to protect the privacy of high-end users.  Each user uses his/her unique password to log in so that the privacy and information safety are guaranteed.


“Users’ digital assets are as safe as the platform itself.  In addition, we want to add another safety lock to their assets,” said Felix Wang, CTO of Bitglobal.


Mr. Wang also informed that Bitglobal will have one ICO (initial coin offering), and issue Global Coin (GBC) based on Ethereum.  50% profit and full dividend will be offered until Bitglobal buys back all GBC issued during ICO.  In addition, Bitglobal will take some GBC out of the repurchase account every year to pay dividends to the users who continue holding GBC, in order to achieve the value dividend.


Bitglobal will offer this “safety lock” to high-end users who have access to golden VIP exclusive account.  These users can anonymously conduct spot gold transactions in addition to digital asset trading in order to maintain and increase the value of their digital assets.


Bitglobal will also provide more stable safety technology to protect the integrity of users’ digital assets.  Later this year, the platform will initiate coin financing functions, and support leverage trading to meet the habits and needs of venture investors.


“Only when the platform is safe enough, an investor can focus on the market trend,” said Ivan Xie. “As a matter of fact, an investor needs volume investment dynamics to maintain and increase the value of their assets. We have adopted the risk mitigation steps to ensure full safety of investor assets”, he added.