Now Offers a Fun and Innovative Way to Play Cryptocurrency Games

0 Now Offers a Fun and Innovative Way to Play Cryptocurrency Games, an online portal which offers mobile-friendly games for Smartphone users, recently introduced a horde of crypto games.

USA, 22nd February, an online game portal, now makes it possible for the fans of crypto games to choose from a number of game choices and enjoy those games on their mobile devices. The owners of stated that earlier, playing cryptocurrency games was not quite easy. However, they claimed that has now addressed the issues and has actually made it simpler than ever before to play crypto games online.

“For playing crypto games, a player simply has to deposit Bitcoins into their account and gain instant access to a large pool of games. They can even earn Bitcoins by playing the games. The players can even convert the Bitcoins to physical currency in the Bitcoin market”, said Anthony James, a top official of

“Bitcoin value has skyrocketed over the past few months and the gamers can earn a fortune by playing these fun games online. We have all sorts of fun games and arcade games that one might want to play. From the classic and vintage video games to more recent fun games, we have included all the popular online games to our portal recently”, he added.

According to Anthony James, for all the games featured on the portal, mobile-friendly versions are also available. “No matter where in the world the gamers are, they can almost always bury themselves in these addictive games by using their mobile phones”, he maintained.

Anthony also pointed out during a press conference that setting up an account on the portal is quite easy. “One just has to fund his account to get started. We accept all sorts of Bitcoin wallets and after depositing funds, one can easily start playing the games on their mobile phones or computers. now accepts more than hundred different cyptocurrencies, which, according to Anthony, is their biggest plus vis-à-vis their competitor portals. “We are here to make crypto games more popular among people across ranks and ages”, he commented during a press meet.

About the Company is an online gaming portal which allows users to create and fund their accounts with Bitcoins. The online gaming portal offers a number of fun games.

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