Bitcoin vs ONU: which would you choose?


Does Bitcoin have a glass ceiling? Yes, of course, gold is its first layer. If the current market value of gold is 8.4 trillion US dollars, then the first layer of the Bitcoin price is equivalent to 470,000 US dollars. But considering that Bitcoin has better value storage properties than gold, it may also surpass gold,though extremely difficult, it will take at least 4-5 cycles (16-20 years) to carry out hopefully. By then people who recognize Bitcoin as a store of value will account for the majority, which means that Bitcoin’s volatility will be greatly reduced (similar to the gold of the current state).

The bottleneck period also means that Bitcoin appreciation would be very difficult unless with the continued inflation of the legal currency. It is possible for Bitcoin to reach 1 million US dollars someday,considering US inflation nearly 2% per year.

As a payment currency towards the global network and offline payment channels, ONU is, above all, a payment system, which can pay, accept and store any currency, including US dollars, Euros, and other legal currencies, as well as for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. And even the metal currencies like gold and silver. Compared with the Bitcoin, ONU is more comprehensive, not just a cryptocurrency, but more importantly, a platform, which provides industry standards, and it will definitely generate more significant global impacts.

The total supply of Bitcoin is 21 million, which will be mined gradually in 40 years. ONU would issue a total of 1 billion, and it has been rolling out its global industry chain including the medical cannabis health industry, the online gaming industry, and futures exchange. We will gradually support the real online payment transaction scenarios in the relevant industrial chain, revealed by ONU recently.

When Bitcoin was designed, the blocking problem of circulation channels should be given priority, therefore avoiding the regulatory intervention problems from various countries when it was circulated. Having learned from Bitcoin, ONU is confident to put forward a more effective solution. As a payment system, ONU is a one-stop blockchain infrastructure that integrates the issuance and circulation of currency. That makes currency circulation freer.

When investing in Bitcoin, the only way to make a profit is by increasing the expected price. Unlike Bitcoin, ONU’s profit comes from the compounding growth of the user’s currency holdings and reserves. Since ONU supports real online industrial payment, every ONU holder will enjoy the profit distribution of the payment industry supported by ONU, and can hold them for the long term and do other investments. while more and more partners and customers join in, the value of ONU will rise with a big space undoubtedly.

The current price of Bitcoin is about 12,000 US dollars, which is at a historically high price this year. Undoubtedly, Bitcoin is featured by high risks, and high degree of uncertainty as well as competitive volatility and it has created countless megamillionaire even though the valueless when it came out in 2009. According to the ONU official description, the initial issuance price will be set at US$0.1. It’s the perfect time to invest, and the investment can be returned once you hold them, not to speak of the bonuses.

We continue to value ONU, and it is one of golden opportunities that investors should not miss. Wonders happen every day in digital age, and what if you become another megamillionaire?