It’s known that each technical improvement is bound to be great change after spreading out the historical picture scroll of world development. Nowadays, another round of innovation in new and high technology is driven due to rapid development of global economy. The Blockchain is walking into people’s vision with unique attitude and subverting the traditional economic pattern.

Bit stars mobile storage mining

With the rapid development of digital economy, the mining industry is moving towards diversification and becoming a professional, large-scale, diverse and widespread emerging industry. Bit stars will build an integrated digital public Blockchain based on mobile storage mining and solve the current Bitcoin capacity problem and slow transfer speed by expansion of Bitcoin.

Bit stars researches and designs the first mobile PoW mining in the world which provides the vast number of users with new mobile storage mining experience by its unique design concept, high-performance computing power drive and more sophisticated underlying infrastructure! Bit stars also hammers at achieving the market demand-“everybody can take part in the mining” and solving such problems in the traditional mining industry as high technical threshold, high hardware cost and energy cost and high capital requirements based on the core idea-innovation of “mobile storage mining”.

What’s capacity expansion?

The capacity expansion can increase the number of transactions that can be accommodated and its meaning is solving the trading congestion problem, speeding up trading and raising the currency price. Many schemes have been proposed to expand the capacity of Bitcoin, such as increasing the upper limit of block size, taking out the useless information in the block and compromise proposal-SegWit2X (segregated witness+ 2M big block).

Why is the Bitcoin expansion necessary?

In the early days of Bitcoin, 7 transactions could be handled at most per second theoretically for the sake of ensuring safety and stability of the Bitcoin system and limiting the block size to 1MB. The Bitcoin network congestion and increase in transaction costs just gradually emerged in 2013 when the price of Bitcoin had soared and the volume of its users was getting bigger and bigger. Thus, the capacity expansion had become a hot topic.

BS Token

The BS Token is the negotiable proof of encrypted digital rights on the Blockchain which has realized the decentralized confirmation of equity flow and is used to accomplish the Bit Stars reward system and the distribution of interests of all parties to realize creation, flow, transfer and conversion of the value inside and outside the Bit stars public Blockchain.

Change from engergization to overturn and from silence to racket. As a new thing, the Blockchain was enveloped in an aura of mystery at the moment of its birth, is the product of social development to the modern stage and tends to be comparable to industrial revolution and the computer revolution. Bit stars links many high-end resources with the leading competitiveness in the industry, the vast number of users and promising market prospect and is believed to certainly spread around the world and lead the era, too!