Bit Morgan Write New Chapter in Digital Economy with Approaching Halving

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.”

This quote by Mark Twain applies to many fields, especially the price trend of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin had its first halving in November 2012, and its price soared from $2.01 to $270, a whooping increase of more than 13,000%. At the time, many people had not even heard of Bitcoin.

In its second halving in July 2016, Bitcoin soared from $64 to $20,074, an increase of more than 12,000%.

Bitcoin would usher its third halving ever in May this year. Historical data has shown that Bitcoin experiences skyrocketing valuation after its halvings, and the increase in Bitcoin has driven the market, allowing other digital currencies to enter. In this boom period is definitely an opportune moment for the well-established Bit Morgan.

As a leader in the financial industry, Bit Morgan has strong capital strength and market foresight. When digital currencies were in its initial phase a few years ago, Bit Morgan foresaw the future dominant positioning of the digital economy, and begun actively exploring the entire ecosystem. After three years of research by a team of experts, Bit Morgan is now launching its digital fund – “BTF”. Based on traditional digital currencies, BTF has higher hedging attributes and a more inclusive ecosystem. BTF would be launched on the eve of Bitcoin’s halving, undoubtedly propelling it to the world of mainstream currencies.

With its rich user resources, broad market channels, and deep financial capital, Bit Morgan’s BTF is a literal safe-haven. The “Bit Morgan Index” comprises large financial research institutions that accurately reflect the development of industries in the digital economy. BTF performs asset allocation correspondingly based on index standard of each industry, helping users to maximize profits. This hedging feature is one-of-a-kind, and not available in other digital currencies.

Bit Morgan is currently invested in industries all over the world, and its ecosystem is being established gradually. With the system’s maturity, BTF would no longer be a single digital currency fund, but instead the reflection of the valuation and equity of the entire ecosystem.

In the face of uncertainty in today’s digital currency economy, Bit Morgan is launching BTF, the standardization of digital currencies with strong risk aversion. This is a huge optimization from traditional currencies, pushing the digital economy forward into the future with Bit Morgan at its forefront.