Best Mobile application RFBENCHMARK for networks


High speed broadband connection might have been considered limited by the four walls of the business area or perhaps the house. Yet recent break throughs in modern technology have made portable high speed broadband connections achievable! Connections of mobile broadband are available right now to be utilized from just about anyplace while on the move. This brand new break through has opened vistas in the community of broadband internet solutions that could have formerly been unthinkable!

No more one has to count on fixed lines to get high speed high speed connections. One does not have to count on the mesh of wires to receive instantaneous broadband connection. Typically referred to as the ‘dongle’ that is really the plug-in USB modem supplied by the cellular boadband service providers is the means to fast mobile broadband. Some companies additionally give data cards which are the key element to the world of broadband services!

So that you can use the unhindered solutions of the mobile broadband network you need to have a good portable set as incompatible set may well restrict the system service. Mobile broadband services have less impediments and can be simply utilized from even the most remote spots. Getting access to Wi Fi internet connections limits users to inside the areas where connectivity is best, therefore mobile broadband connection is steadily taking the initiative over Wi Fi connection due to its quick access availability.

Primarily mobile broadband connections were expensive but with increasing demand presenting growing competition the costs are getting to be appreciably more reasonable. Nevertheless roaming fees and variation of costs from town to city can be applied. The increasing demand has also induced some mobile computer organizations to supply free of charge broadband with laptop packages which could be the next revolution into the world of very fast internet solutions.

Independent measurements and benchmarking of Radio Coverage and Internet Service Quality. Internet Speed Testing.

Mobile and fixed operators and service providers ranking in your location. Check before you decide to buy new SIM or Broadband Internet Access.Mobile application RFBENCHMARK allows measurements of radio coverage of mobile operator and testing of Internet connection quality for different radio access technologies, such as: GSM, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, as well as fixed Internet services

By using RFBENCHMARK software you will be able to analyze radio coverage of operator, report problems and perform Internet Speed Test, allowing to determine which services can be used with provided Internet Quality.

You can compare your results with mobile operators ranking in your location.
Mobile operators ranking is based on signal and Internet quality using interactive map and ranking function.You can filter results by access technology : GSM, 3G, 4G – LTE.

By means of web portal access: collected measurements (Coverage/Internet Speed/Reported Problems) can be viewed and analyzed.