Becker Bros. Piano Achieved A Strategic Cooperation with Samick Group


On Sep. 6, 2017, the long-established American piano manufacturer, Becker Bros. Piano Company, announced at the news conference that it has formally gone into long-term strategic partnership with Samick Group from the Republic of Korea. In the future, both companies will carry out long-term deep cooperation. It is reported that after both companies signed Asian – Pacific Region Strategic Cooperation Agreement, the headquarters of Becker Bros. dispatched two additional groups of technicians to the cooperated project of Indonesian factory owned by Samick Group. The Piano production line of Becker Bros. established under this Agreement has been put into production.


Becker Bros. Piano was founded by Mr. Jacob Henry Becker, a German– American piano maker, in 1902 in New York, America. Relying on the excellent quality and exquisite timbre, Becker Bros. Piano had become the widely recognized leader in the piano manufacturing industry of America and also achieved enviable fame internationally as early as in 1920s. William Geithner, mayor of New York at that time, called Becker Bros. Piano “Pride of New York”. After World War II, Becker Bros. gave up large-scale business of flow-line production. Instead, it has provided fully handmade advanced customized pianos only to artists and elites in society for a long time. As a result, Becker Bros. with the world-class manufacturing technique wasn’t known to the public for a very long period of time and the piano manufacturing industry even called it “the hidden luxury brand”. The former president of America Richard Milhous Nixon, the famous musicians Nat King Cole and Zez Confrey, the American socialites Joan Kennedy and Emily Ross, the piano collector Ricky Hilton and other celebrities are all collectors of pianos produced by Becker Bros. From 2008, Becker Bros. gradually returns to the mass consumer market and steps forward to the international market. Becker Bros. Piano has conducted business in Australia, Singapore, China, Russia and other countries and regions.


As the largest musical instruments manufacturer in the Republic of Korea, Samick Group occupies a pivotal position in Asian musical instruments market. The spokesman of Becker Bros. stated, “Establishing strategic cooperation with Samick is an important step for the globalization layout of Becker Bros. It will give us more confidence for development in Asian market.” As a century-old enterprise with world-class piano manufacturing experience, the partnership between Becker Bros. and the local Asian musical instruments company will bring more powerful platform advantages to Becker Bros. In the meanwhile, it marks that the development of Becker Bros. Piano in Asian market has stepped into a new stage and that Becker Bros. is about to enter high-end Asian piano retail industry.