BCD Gets Listed on Cryptocurrency Exchange HITBTC Following Network Upgrades


BCD gets listed on HitBTC, one of the most advanced Bitcoin exchanges..


NEW YORK, USA — Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), a fork of Bitcoin which was developed to improve upon the transaction speed of the original Bitcoin, recently got listed on HitBTC, one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges in the world,.

After interviewing members of the Bitcoin Diamond team, HitBTC expressed confidence in the cryptocurrency, which began trading in March 2018. Set apart by its lightning fast transactions, minimal transaction fees, and large coin supply (ten times that of Bitcoin), Bitcoin Diamond is being targeted towards underserved and unbanked people around the world with a focus on trust, accessibility, and affordability. Now that BCD has already been listed on HITBTC, traders can trade BCD. They can also derive information on BCD to USD conversion rate by visiting https://hitbtc.com/exchange/BCD-to-USDT.


Recently, the Bitcoin Diamond Foundation introduced plans to launch the BCD International Marketplace. The Marketplace will allow customers in nearly any country in the world to order and purchase products from popular online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and AliExpress, all on a single platform using Bitcoin Diamond.


Bitcoin Diamond will handpick products to offer to previously neglected markets, including thousands of products ranging from home accessories to electronics, with a marketplace that they have labeled “the Amazon of the Cryptospace”. The proceeds will go back into the foundation and will be used to continue to scale the BCD Pay initiative globally.


During the month of June, BCD developers tested the stability and reliability of the network on their proprietary testnet by creating payment channels and nodes. BCD declared and paid transaction requests, confirmed receipts across various nodes, and tested payments made between senders and receivers. They conducted a number of tests to ensure that the process for lightning fast network development will be completed successfully.


BCD is also rebuilding the ZapWalletTxes to improve the stability, while also adding more functions and replacing the old syntax with loads of new features. The BCD developers have already completed the basic functional development of our wallet app and have also added the private key recovery features, along with the PIN to protect the privacy of the users.


Some of the recent updates that traders on HitBTC can expect are new boosted versions, support for upgrading ZMQ to Pythone3, a unified code style, and some new function names, along with simplified codes, an added return error code, and modified hints. Traders can also check latest BCD to BTC conversion rate by visiting https://hitbtc.com/exchange/BCD-to-BTC.


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