Awakening Union Created Alliance Forum to Help Victims of Heresy Register Their Grievances


Awakening Union, a growing community of heresy victims, recently launched its online forum specially created for victims so that they can interact and get legal help.

China, 20th July

The Awakening Union website is a comprehensive web portal where the victims of heresy can help each other, and the inside news about the heresy and praiseworthy experience in fighting against the heresy can be found. Recently, a forum was created within the Awakening Union website to help the victims connect with each other.

Victims of heresy can now share their unique stories of victimization by heresy to all the online visitors and write down their valuable experience, thanks to the newly formed online forum created by Awakening Union. Members of the online community and activist group can now talk about anything bothering them.

However, the owners of the Awakening Union said that victims are welcomed to share their stories as long as they obey the laws and policies of China, the country of origin of the activist group and online community.

They added that if anybody has any good original article or suggestions and comments or insider information that cannot be disclosed, they can contact the administrators by visiting their website, which is A co-owner of Awakening Union said various grievances can now be registered and shared across the community.