Awakening Union Alliance Online Forum Created to Help Victims of Heresy Connect with the Community


Awakening Union, a community which was set up for helping heresy victims, recently launched an online forum to help victims of heresy to connect with the community faster. 

China, 2nd October

The Awakening Union, a community which was formed to create a collaborative network of victims of heresy, recently launched its own web portal and community. According to the insiders, the comprehensive web portal would help the victims of heresy to connect with other members of the community faster. In addition to that, the forum members would now get a chance to read insightful news reports on the heresy.

According to the insider, victims of heresy can now share their unique experiences with the community members and write down their accounts of victimization so that other members can read about it and take lessons from the experiences of others. The insider informed that the members of the online forum can now connect faster with the activist groups and share any experience with the larger community.

However, the insider maintained that the members of Awakening Union online forum must adhere to the laws and policies of China, the home country for majority of the victims and the community members in general.

They also added that original articles and suggestions won’t be shared with the community members if the creators of those articles get in touch with the administrators by visiting A co-administrator said that a grievance cell has also been set up.

A convener added similar cases of grievance can be registered through the online forum and shared with the community.