As LongBit Invests in Golff, DeFi Revolution is Just Around the Corner


LongBit recently announced that in order to promote the steady development of DeFi ecology, it will invest in one-stop encryption bank Golff, offering full support for its strategic business development. Investors involved in this round of investment also include over ten well-known institutions, includingGXChain. Clearly, a quiet revolution is now underway in the DeFi field.

Golff: The Best Solution to the Tough Market Issues

Although the DeFi market experienced explosive growth this year, at the same time, many tough issues have emerged: poor user experience, network congestion, and a number ofpotential safety hazards. Golff has therefore emerged at just the right time—it will act as a revolutionary force in the DeFi field, pushing it beyond past shortcomings.

Golff is positioned as a one-stop encryption bank.With its main product being the DeFi aggregator platform, it is committed to creating a lightweight, open, and free financial world. Golff’s product function matrix integrates liquidity mining, revenue aggregation, financial enhancement insurance, and one-click aggregation lending. It features a low threshold, a fast and smooth product experience, and multi-version localized product design adaptable to the habits of users in both Eastern and Western countries. Golff selects superior DeFi product portfolios to optimize revenue and continuously innovates product design and gameplay rules to meet comprehensive financial needs.

Golff will additionally launch a governance token GOF (totaling 100 million), which will be used to participatein liquidity mining, governance, and profit gains within the Golff system. The Golff team does not reserve tokens, and 95% of the tokens will go towards mining,encouraging users to participate in the long-term ecological construction of GOF.

Thanks to its powerful concepts and functions, it can be said that Golffis now at the peak of DeFi’s breaking out and will set thefuture trend of DeFi.

LongBit Lays out the Network Ecology in Advance withAccurate Market Judgments

The DeFi tide came so suddenly that not only were alarge number of retail investors unable to keep up, there was even panic among many investment institutions and industry experts. However, LongBit has demonstrateda keen sense of business when it comes to DeFi, and in response, laid out its ecology before investing in Golff, allseeking more opportunities for users.

LongBit is known as the “first point of entry for hot projects” thanks toits fast pace of launching projects. Whether it is the popular ANT of DEX or the liquidity mining COMP, LongBit isalways ready to launch it first, allowingusers to get involvedin trading before aproject skyrockets.

On the one hand, LongBit’s accurate judgment is the product of internal research. The exchange will analyze market performance and make judgments to effectively “ridethe tide”. For example, because of the low listing threshold, many star tokens are the first to be listed on decentralized exchanges. LongBit takes the lead establishing cooperative relations with Uniswap and other exchanges to keep up with new projects’ development. On the other hand, in LongBit’s DeFi Trading Zone, users canactively recommend potential projects, and the platform will carefully screen tokens before launch to best meet users’ trading needs.

Some senior investors even saythat if they want to find potential tokens, they will keep a watchful eye on LongBit’snew projects, then wait for the three major exchanges to launch themandobtain high returns oncethe token price goes up. In this sense, perhaps Golff, now an investee of LongBit, is on track to become the next unicorn.

Although the DeFi market is booming—its locked-in value exceedingUSD 6 billion—the current market size remains less than 1% of the traditional financial market, pointing to the urgent need to explore its development potential. However, what is really worth our anticipation is the new round of investment opportunities that havearrived.