Appbi Search Ads Intelligent ASM Platform is Online during WWDC


Last October, great changes happened in App Store, including adding ads in the search result of App Store. Now the function has been online for almost 8 months. When the developers purchase the Search Ads, they will have the priority to display their apps in the search result. As Apple said that 65% of downloads is from searching, to add ads in search results will help developers promote their apps.


It is reported that the famous data company Appbi Data has recently launched an intelligent ASM platform. It is an intelligent apps promoting platform on the basis of Apple Search Ads. Relying on Appbi’s own data analysis platform of App Store and its rich experiences on ASO, Appbi provides developers with one-stop service from apps’ metadata optimization to ads campaigns, scheme optimization and real-time data tracking. Users that signed up successfully from June 8th to July 8th of 2017 can gain a reward of $100 to try Appbi Search Ads platform.


According to the inside information, Appbi Intelligent ASM Platform has comprehensive features and convenient operation. It not only includes all the functions of Apple Search Ads but also adds more ones for the convenience of developers, making ads campaigns more intelligent and more efficient. Let’s have a look on the 4 advantages of this platform!

1. Ads Monitor

·Keywords Data

It shows the popularity, priority, search results, ads counts and related ads details of keywords in App Store.


·Keywords Monitor

Developers can search a certain keyword to get the information of whether there are ads that campaign the keyword, the ads counts, the list of campaigns apps and the historical data of campaigns.


·Competitions Monitor

The platform provides the information of the advertising situation of related competing products, and developers can adjust ads scheme at any time accordingly.


2. Ads Campaigns

·Adjust Anytime

The platform supports developers to edit or modify the ads contents at any time. Based on the results of data monitoring, developers can adjust bidding automatically/manually.


·Custom Monitor

Developers can set the monitoring items according to their own needs, and the system will intelligently stop/continue the campaign in terms of the customized monitoring conditions.

3. Appbi Intelligent Ad Group

·Adding Automatically

Appbi Platform will automatically choose and add keywords on the basis of apps’ metadata (such as title, icon, description, etc.).


·Intelligent Recommendation

Based on all campaigned data, the platform will recommend intelligently a series of keywords that are more appropriate and more efficient.


·Accurate Analysis

It will make an accurate research and analysis on campaigned word groups by technical means and constantly adjust bidding optimization scheme.


·Low Budget and High Effect

The platform will intelligently control budget costs and each bid to guarantee that all the biddings of word groups conform to fair market price and achieve best ads effects with lowest budget.


4. Mail Notification

• Daily Report

The platform will automatically send users a mail to report the campaigns data and billings of the last day and the recent days.


• Abnormal Notification

When certain abnormities happen to the campaigned keywords, the system will immediately send a mail and then pause the keywords after a period of time.


• Custom Monitoring Notification

Developers can set particular conditions from own needs to monitor the data. Once it meets the conditions, an email will be sent.


Besides the above 4 advantages, Appbi Intelligent ASM Platform expands more functions on the basis of the prototype system of Apple Search Ads. Developers can enjoy intelligent using experiences, know all campaigns data, analyze reasons and continuously optimize ads effect.


Appbi Intelligent ASM Platform VS. Apple Prototype System


Appbi Intelligent Platform is now on a developing stage. It attempts to help developers achieve best ads effect more easily and efficiently.


To celebrate that the Appbi Intelligent ASM Platform is online, Appbi Data will provide $100 reward for developers signed up successfully during June 8th to July 8th. Process: Sign up (sign up in Appbi Intelligent ASM Platform → Choose app (fill out required information to create app) → Verify (upload the screenshot of backend of developer and Appbi team will verify within 24h) → Get $100 (developers passed the verification will get $100)


Dear developers, what are you waiting for? Click the link and sign up!


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