Aoyu International has formally embraced blockchain technology to build a new ecosystem in the gaming industry.


It is reported that on April 7, 2019, aoyu International announced that it has established a new ecosystem of the gaming industry and has officially embraced the blockchain technology. Aoyu International combines the traditional gaming industry with the decentralization, non-tampering and fairness of blockchain technology. Characteristics and advantages to realize the construction and development of a new business model in the context of the new era, in order to completely subvert the traditional gaming industry, the traditional asset trading platform, the traditional foreign exchange market acceptance business and the gambling industry as the center to derive tourism, shopping, vacation, etc. Working hard in a comprehensive industry

The advantage behind AOYU International is that the total amount is limited to 100 million AYB (AoYuBit) digital tokens.From the main form of fees and collateral to the main currency used for settlement, redemption, transaction payments, etc., all activities on the network are centered around AYB.AYB is the driving force of a sustainable economy, and as more and more users and providers join the ecosystem, demand is growing.

And aoyu International is a gaming industry enterprise that is allowed by the government, with rich government resources and support from many international organizations.At present, the aoyu international industry has received strong support from the Macau government and will receive operating licenses such as digital currency securities trading licenses and other related preferential policies. In addition, the World Aoyu International Historical and Cultural Association has also obtained international human rights investigations in Asia. The affirmation, support and a series of authorizations of many international organizations such as the investigation committee and the International Police Special Training Organization Asia Anti-Money Laundering.

Aoyu international features can directly solve the uncertainty and delay of settlement time of users’ international remittances and foreign exchange transactions, cross-border exchange rate risks and opacity issues, high costs generated by cross-border remittance market, and even cross-border remittances Decentralized foreign exchange trading for the regulatory cost of Forex trading, and blockchain technology in decentralized asset trading can simplify and automate lengthy trading processes, achieve direct asset transactions, reduce front-end and back-office interactions, and save a lot of manpower and time. And material resources.Moreover, asset trading will not have any previous restrictions. Users can trade freely and trade at aoyu on the centralized asset exchange. Each user will have full power to dispose of their property.

Aoyu’s industry-leading blockchain technology and the trend of blockchain technology, as a new milestone, are of great significance not only to improving Aoyu’s international decision-making and management level, but also to promote the transformation of marketing development methods.At the same time, the ease of use and practicality of the entire blockchain industry will be further advanced. It is truly combining the traditional industry applications of blockchains, bringing this technology to people’s daily lives and directly driving all walks of life. The flourishing.