American OLC life chain technology breakthrough! End block chain technology application five pain points


The American OLC life chain officially announced at the end of April 2018: new breakthrough in the life chain technology of OLC, the emergence of the new technology of OLC life chain will end the application of the block chain technology with five pain points!


OLC life chain will be built based on the popular block chain ecosystem, adding: copy, visualization, picture type, click-type operation. The block chain technology team has been working hard to build the underlying technology application system similar to bitcoin and Ethernet, and subvert the application of the underlying technology of the blockchain previously known to the world.


From the technical application layer of the block chain, we can understand it through three different ages. In the 1.0 era, bitcoin was the enlightenment of block chain, and the current DOS system was built. In the 2.0 era, etheric, EOS, NEO, and the most recent IBM super books, they’re building a Linux system, a Windows system, or an android system like the mobile Internet. In the 3.0 era, the American OLC life chain will be built on the PC end Windows system + alibaba’s 1688 platform or mobile android + WeChat program.


The goal of this era is to enable all small and medium-sized enterprises and even public users to implement the simplest and visualized blockchain technology operation and application in the same way as they did in 1688.


American OLC life chain technology — the end block chain technology application five pain points:

1、Create the underlying platform of the block chain, provide the underlying module, and lower the development threshold.


2、Solve the problem of delay and data throughput

(A) parallel chains, like highways, expand several parallel and efficient pathways.

DPoS mechanism.

(B) authorized shares mechanism, is to let each hold OLC life chain members to vote, the resulting 101 representatives, we can be understood as 101 super node, and that 101 super node right is completely equal to each other. These 101 nodes handle the settlement and judgment of all block chains.

(C) the idea of Sharding Sharding technology is that each transaction allows only a small number of nodes to see and process, and all nodes can handle more transactions in parallel simultaneously. Similar to the highway, each road is differentiated by different models.


OLC life chain through the above three kinds of operation mechanism, can achieve the capacity of millions of every second, and now the currency is 7 per second pen, etheric fang is 30 to 40 pen, OLC life chain this shearing strong technical win COINS and Ethernet.

3、Intelligent contract and digital assets production, automation management

4、Solve the problem of quantum cryptography

5、The problem of multi-chain integration


Block chain as the first wave of tuyere of vc circle in 2018, its technology is the human society by the information Internet Internet transition to the value of the underlying architecture, more and more entrepreneurial projects involved in among them, has become the present in addition to artificial intelligence (AI) the most commercial value of the new trend.


OLC life chain block chain technology is changing the pattern of block chain industry with its potential.