AIAC Strives To Become The Most Decentralized Token Through Ecological Decryption


2020 can be regarded as the first year for the financial application of borderless decentralization smart protocol. As a pioneer in Blockchain industry, AIAC is no longer reliant on tokens and illusory currency prices, but can smoothly complete payments, mortgages, transactions, loans, create insurance policies, and so on through the connected and linked DAPP in everyone’s mobile phone wallet, thus to create a cohesive platform and a super-node incubator for decentralizing investment financial smart contract agreements.

Blockchain 1.0 is the original era of digital currency and its essence is to use value to empower tokens, albeit in terms of solving the problem of trust with the real technology. AIAC now uses open-source codes which cannot be tampered with and are deployed in the public chain through 2.0 smart contract transactions, thus to achieve the fairness and transparency of the rules.

AIAC connects the decentralized lending platforms such as Aave. Compound and dYdX. By using the token mining distribution model, it opens the Defi4.0 financial derivative window and completes community management. With only a small amount of pre-mining and pre-sale and without over-reservation, AIAC provides liquidity mining in the wallet and strives to become the most decentralized tokens.

AIAC also further provides out-of-chain or in-chain data and information as the underlying architecture protocol for parent coin mining incentives, supporting a wider range of data transmission to the side chain to match the continuous upgrading of various smart contracts.

AIAC has been adhering to the “open source ” spirit to gather strength. With big data, it tries to reach the high-frequency consensus of public chain and automation. The function of ecological layout is more perfect and even a shopping mall on the chain also can have the functions of financing, mortgage, loans and so on. Hundreds of millions of goods as well as thousands of merchants and massive works of art, financial derivatives and the original encrypted assets on the chain can be imported into the chain network ecology through AIAC.

Users on the chain can use AIAC as a credit pledge, as consumer dividends and so on for the corresponding incentives. With the rise of the live broadcast platform, AIAC will also shape 108 nodes and 18 super nodes in the parent foundation. The ownership, the right to use and income rights of all nodes will be embedded in the open-source chain of AIAC’s smart contract, which will make the smart contract Aave loan, decentralization exchange, Yfi financial management, financial products and on-chain mall open and connected, so as to promote the sustainable development of AIAC business ecology.