Agetha Lee, the founder of Global Intellectual Bank Joins hands with SJ style founder Sara Jane Ho

Agetha Lee (the founder of Global Intellectual Bank) joins hands with Sara Jane Ho (the founder of App SJ Style), who are going to make a new miracle. Here below is the interview.

Global Intellectual Bank is a kind of smart solution dedicated for mobility projects all over the world. Global Intellectual Bank will work together with well-known professors from Harvard Business School and Oxford University to solve the problem that human capital is in great short. Meanwhile, Global Intellectual Bank cooperates with the government to set up creative funds to help to establish plants for mobility projects. In order to get all the projects well progressed, first-class CEO and professional technicians are invited and employed.

SJ STYLE is a kind of app about the global life style, which has published an electronic magazine DM and set up a global brand R&D center. SJ STYLE has the live shopping shows covering the Top 10 shopping streets. SJ STYLE also engages in the lease and operation of privately-owned flights. SARA cooperates with the top authors and best sellers in the world. Nowadays, life style is being card about by more and more people, especially how to innovate our life styles. SJ STYLE has the function of face identification; in the future, it will also have a new payment method to support the innovation in economy and finance.

Agetha Lee is also the founder of Universal Voice. Depending on Universal Voice, English shows will be performed in theaters and cinemas all over the world. Lecturers who are good at political speeches, economic speeches, innovative speeches and commercial speeches will be selected to do the presentation. This year, Sara Jane Ho will be invited to make a speech being as one of the dominators of global life style. However, it is said by the person in charge of opening ceremony that the opening ceremony would be delayed until April. At that time, many top CEOs around the world will come to Shanghai from New York to attend the opening ceremony.

18000-attendee World CEO SUMMIT held at Mercedes-Benz Arena, able to be compared favorably with Warren Buffett’s Conference, will get all top giants all over the world together to join the New Era Conference. Definitely, it will be something big being looked forward to by all.