Age of Tanks of new block chain ecological power strikes with shock


Creating hundreds of billions of dollars a year, game industry has always been a huge market. If some of the shortcomings of traditional games can be solved to further release the potential of game, it is bound to be a supermarket that cannot be ignored in the future.

As a disruptive technology in new era, block chain completes some breakthroughs such as identity privacy protection, automatic contract execution and digital asset security assurance through decentralization and smart contract mechanisms, which greatly ensures the fairness, equity and publicity of the game with natural match of game industry to trust, privacy and other needs. Fusion application of “block chain+ game” opens up justice, fairness, freedom and new possibilities in Age of Tanks.

Age of Tanks is a new block chain online strategy battle game. The underlying system of Age of Tanks that is developed on block chain and smart contract creates an all-round, multi-domain game ecosystem for users. And in perfect ecosystem of Age of Tanks, the whole game ecology will return to the fair competition with innovation, experience, technology and value, achieve more diverse and rich game applications, and construct a decentralized entertainment ecology based on block chain from three perspective of ecology, marketing and closed loop.

Elements such as global players competing online, Age of Tanks gathering block chain ecology, digital money wallet, online mobile games and community interaction really creates epochal block chain game with real game, real value, and real income.  Age of Tanks is to build Internet multi-domain symbiosis with IP as the core, carry out cross-domain, cross-platform fan economy and integrated ecology with multicultural entertainment, committing to community-based game asset value ecological construction. With integration of motion and quietness high vitality model, taking community as king, Age of Tanks will have higher benefits for more active participation. Benefits increased are sold seamlessly with unlimited difference and rich returns.

Age of Tanks is a game free of charge, with synthetic value-added, unlimited revenue, online combat, and winning using strategy, suspenseful and exciting. Meanwhile, based on the block chain, Age of Tanks forms an open circulation incentive value closed loop economic entity. With chain matchmaking technology, the game is mining, circulation is to create wealth and participation is income! Age of Tanks will gradually release the license to encourage users through mining, to directly construct fund-type disk model, control the release rate of tokens, gradually complete the small closed loop of issuing and consuming certificates, and then expand the boundary of the certificate to complete the large closed-loop; Its whole life process should balance and control the interests of all parties so as to achieve equilibrium.

Age of Tanks, strikes with force and will dominate and shake the world! It is believed that it will bring a new direction to the global game market, and be a beginning of a milestone! Preemptive registration will be on August 25 and it will officially have online public test on August 30. Let’s wait and see!