After brand upgrade, How Secoo will deliver the lifestyle

The definition of beauty can be explained in many ways, however, for Secoo, beauty is a lifestyle, a concept and also an unprecedented experience.


17th April, Secoo hold a press conference for brand strategic upgrade in the center of Beijing, announcing a new slogan ‘Devoted to you’ and bringing the beauty to 18 million members. Secoo aims to transform from luxury e-commerce to premium lifestyle platform.


Apart from other e-commerce platform, only being a luxury e-commerce is not enough, Secoo always targets to provide premium service and experience for high-end consumers. Besides Secoo is the first IPO Internet company in luxury area.


Based on the concept of new slogan, Secoo attempts to offer consumers a joyful life for both physical and spiritual. Thus Secoo expands more lifestyle business, including travel, art, finance, agriculture, rental and celebrity’s representatives.


This time, Secoo upgraded all its business following with ten-year anniversary to maximum deliver the lifestyle to its consumers.

Partnership Upgrade: Secoo collaborates with Parkson Retail Group to embrace cosmetics products, trying to offer integrated online offline new retail shopping experience; additionally two groups also launched ‘Goddess Festival’ in March to ignite an e-commerce conquest for shopping.


Service Upgrade: Secoo released ‘Super service’ to achieve two-hour delivery; moreover super service also contains more detailed services, including the clothing match-up and clothing measurement and modification.


Social Upgrade: Secoo cooperated with Pernod Richard Group to release own customized pre-mixed cocktail ‘24/7 by SECOO’. In the near future, Secoo plans to establish more bars in major Chinese cities, to create offline interactive and social place for its high-end members.


Co-branding Upgrade: Cooperated with famous fruit brand, selecting oranges with best quality. Besides Secoo collaborates with high-end travel agencies to provide customized premium and exclusive travel routes.


Experience Upgrade: Secoo works with Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority to launch ‘Love in Sri Lanka’ products and tourist activities. Based on this entry point, Secoo aims to accelerate cultural communication, and establish tourism products with new retail mode.


Marketing Upgrade: Secoo collaborates with Douyin (video app) and Shouqi (taxi app), following the theme ‘Devoted to you’, to blow up users’ interaction through online and offline.


In addition, Secoo finance reached agreements with more than 20 banks for the installment business; Secoo EEC targets business service, building consumers’ data and sharing business value; Secoo Coosir Project signed more than 1,000 KOL, modeling trend and leading consumption direction.


In 2018, Secoo hopes its ever-expanding offline presence, together with massive online sales, will serve more consumers who will, in turn, drive the company’s future growth.