Adele enterprise chain correction sets off a new revolution in block chain technology industry


Founded in 2015, EDEX holds AFS financial derivative brand license and is supervised by ASIC (Australian Securities & Investment Commission). It is a leading decentralized financial exchange. Focus on providing users with digital currency, digital options, digital equity and other trading services, as well as corporate financial chain reform services for enterprise users, so as to save time and human costs for individual and enterprise users, and improve the financing efficiency of enterprises. The service content covers digital financial derivatives trading, enterprise chain reform, diversified mining, community autonomy, financial social platform, financial education and training and other common services. In addition, EDE exchange and the international stock exchange are carrying out in-depth cooperation to enrich their own high-quality resource reserves and provide users with rich and practical financial service types. Since online, it has provided professional information and data for the majority of users, which is favored by users.

In 2020, with a sudden epidemic situation affecting the global real industry and financial market cliff like fluctuations, far beyond the “black swan” incident brought about by the panic and economic losses, but it is worth noting that under the impact of the epidemic, the advantages of technology companies and high-tech are prominent. In the current epidemic situation, the core technology of EDE trading Institute is fuel, and the enterprise chain is replaced by an engine to help traditional enterprises solve the problems of financing difficulty and high financing cost. After realizing the decentralized security and credibility, it can still maintain the high performance of million level transaction concurrency.

It adopts super node and global trusteeship and clearing underlying blockchain model, which surpasses the efficiency and technical ability of traditional financial industry, It also decentralizes the use of assets to achieve openness and transparency, ensure the health of enterprise funds in special periods, and create new advantages of digital economy, covering decentralization, de trust, sharing economy, distributed computing, distributed storage and other aspects. Therefore, the correction of the enterprise chain of Amity has set off a new revolution in the block technology industry.