aBey with amazing transaction speed is ready to be launched on ZBX exchange


Nowadays, the global e-commerce industry is booming. Various innovative technologies are emerging one after another. However, market is under a chaos. Based on the pain points of various market in the e-commerce industry for today, combined with Blockchain technology and the field of e-commerce transaction data payment processing, aBey came into being!

aBey is a Blockchain academic research project created in 2018. The core team comes from two Romanian professors. Ciprian Pungila is the founder and research director of project. He was a professor at the West University of Timisoara, Romania; Viorel Negru, as the co-founder, served as research director and technical consultant, is a professor at Timisoara Western University, Romanian education Member of the Ministry of Higher Education Committee (also the President of the University Senate).

The original intention of aBey is to become the world’s fastest and most flexible open source Blockchain. The main purpose is to use Blockchain technology combined with e-commerce systems to optimize the electronic currency model, enhance practicality, and bring it to more Blockchain applications in the future. Since aBey was released in July 2018, it has accumulated more than 100,000 active users in two years.

At present, most digital currencies are still in the initial stage of development, such as ETH and LINK, which still have problems such as slow transaction processing speed and high transaction fees. In order to solve the problems of congestion and slow processing speed of a series of digital currency transactions, aBey uses a multi-level and programmable Blockchain solution to realize large batches of fast transactions, processing each transaction at an amazing speed of just a few milliseconds.

aPay Wallet is the exclusive wallet of the Blockchain aBey. At present, a large number of users have registered to use it. The main features include ultra-high speed of processing 100,000 transactions per second, transaction refund (the first in the world), and a vault-based lending gateway ( VLG) Real-time compliance check lending function (world’s first), affiliate marketing recommendation and commission payment support based on Trust Payment Gateway (TPG) (world’s first), on-chain payment processing, and easy-to-use encrypted wallet.

Users can choose to use a custom account name to facilitate the discovery of other users on the network without having to purchase similar fee-based services like other Blockchain platforms. First send a certain digital currency to your aPay wallet and convert it to ACT (a stable currency in aPay wallet, linked to the value of USD). Then recharge the ACT to the aPay debit card, so that you can make purchases at any merchant that accepts credit cards, or withdraw legal currency directly from any ATM machine!

Recently, the digital currency market has backed to stage, and various Blockchain projects have blossomed everywhere, bringing a wave of wealth cryptography to the line. And the current market enthusiasm has not passed, Bitcoin once again surpassed 10,000 US dollars. On the other hand, aBey is ready to go. It continues to arouse the interest of most currency investors, and even gives us a feeling that wealth is finally coming.

At this moment, the development speed of the Blockchain has been unstoppable. If you do not seize this amazing profitable opportunity, you will miss it or it will be another great regret in your investment life!

14:00 August 8, 2020, aBey was listed on the ZBX exchange officially, which will usher in a new round of market bursts!

ZBX is registered in Malta and is the first compliant digital asset trading platform in Europe. It’s under the supervision of the Maltese Monetary Authority (MFSA).  KPMG, one of the four largest accounting firms in the world, was introduced to provide independent audit services to ZBX. Meanwhile, ZBX established a strategic cooperation with Swiss bank Dukascopy.  It’s aimed to build a connected digital asset , traditional finance, and a bridge of legal currency channels. ZBX is committed to providing a safe, stable and compliant trading platform for global cryptocurrency investors.

ZBX has very high trading liquidity, and a large number of institutions and foundations are expected to enter the market.

The preheating and launching situation is extremely hot this time. Will aBey cause a rush for coin lovers?

At this point, it can only be seen how much you expect this purpose. The warm-up launch this time has caused a certain degree of enthusiasm in the Blockchain community. In summary, the opportunity for early participation in profitability cannot be missed!

To know more about aBey, please visit the official website http://abey.com/

ABEY is shocked to launch ZBX, are you ready? ?

Deposit will be available at 00:00 on August 3rd

Trading will be opened at 14:00 on August 8th

Online AMA at 15:00 August 7th

ZBX Exchange official website: ZBX.one

ABEY official website: http://abey.com/

aBey wallet download link: http://abey.com/downloads/