A new starting point for gender health in Asia — sex chain


The role of sex in the development of human society is very important. Whether it is the release of human sexual instinct or the realization of human reproduction, it is almost dependent on sexual behavior. Sexual impulse is the natural instinct of human beings. The desire to express it is the driving force for the development of human society. However, due to the constraints of traditional cultural concepts and the lack of sex education, the development of gender related products and related industries started late. Over the years, because of the lack of sex education, one after another has caused a living tragedy, which has been extended from generation to generation.

In 2018, based on the application of block chain 3 technology, sex chain came into being. This cross – time progress indicates that block chain technology is not only in the mouth, but is really applied to the personal health index tracking and early warning and the gender health education system. It thoroughly solved the problem of tracing and paying for the products of the sexes, and extended a series of more in-depth services and landing applications in the field of sexual relations. Through the application of block chain technology, we can learn more about gender knowledge and popularize people’s correct cognition of gender.


“SEXN” is developed by GoodData’s team, and the team led by the CEO (Dannie Frank) has a strong block chain technology development capability. The gender expert, Dr. Lin Jianguang (Harley Lam), has a large number of personal physical health data, technology and health collisions and integration of SEXN. SEXN is committed to building a large database of personal physical health, and will use block chain technology to serve the human society.


Data, real and reliable, provide important basis for social progress. The whole Internet world is affected by the centralization of the block chain. The idea of SEXN is to provide the data that serves people instead of the business system, redefines the large data in block chains, and uses a sexual health as an inspiration for the SEXN.

Sex chain – gender health mainly, with gender health data as the main body, Dr. Lin Jianguang and other well-known international experts talk about the carrier of gender health culture, the birth of sex chain marks the progressive development of gender products and related industries. In the near future, the market for gender related products and related education will be a blue ocean.