A different super farm


A game revolution, a joyous feast, a dark horse of wealth

If the birth of Bitcoin allows people to understand the blockchain, then Super Farm will let people experience the blockchain in a way that they love to see. Super Farm is working hard to create a game platform that can realize the value of life and freedom of wealth for all friends who are passionate about the blockchain industry.

Based on the principles of fairness, openness, and decentralized game community autonomy, Super Farm practices the platform spirit of continuous innovation, adheres to the development path of the SCB model of “supply and consumption balance”, strives to lead asset management projects, and enters into a long-term operation.

The core game asset of Super Farm adopts the mining currency reward model that has been in normal operation for more than ten years. The tokens are released step by step and every year. On the basis of helping countless people realize the freedom of wealth, it also avoids the excessive issuance of assets, and reducing operational risks.

Super farm is completely different from previous financial projects. The game relies on exquisite rule design, allowing players to complete the offensive and defensive transformation of a game character. When the winner obtains more assets, the system will automatically extract part of the asset tokens for destruction. Ensure the scarcity and balance of platform assets.

Players can also use tokens in exchange assets in potato farms, shops, banks, exchanges, schools, clubs and other game scene, which in turn formed the game, perfectly assets and establishes the value preservation of game assets based on applications.

In summary, the Super Farm, which integrates blockchain technology +  game scene +  mining currency rewards, is a great innovation like a genius that integrates the advantages of three major areas in the top-level design. Adhering to the core concept of long-term operation, it has completely changed the asset bubble phenomenon of previous financial projects. This is destined that Super Farm, as a blockchain product, will coexist with human civilization just like the information written in the blockchain. Super place to farm a convergence of joy and wealth, will be committed to become a legend to accompany your life.