A complete success of Hong Kong Shinhwa New Economic Summit Forum and Customer Appreciation Dinner


On May 11, 2019, the Hong Kong Shinhwa New Economic Summit Forum and Customer Appreciation Dinner was held at the Landing International Convention Center in Jeju Island, South Korea. The conference invited famous economists and investment experts such as Ye Tan, Xiang Songyu, Wang Fuzhong, Yang Linke and Xu Gang to explore the development and opportunities of Asia-Pacific economic integration around the theme of “focusing on the new economy and exploring new developments”.


The conference was hosted by Hong Kong ShinhwaWorld Blockchain Technology Development Co., Ltd. and co-organized by Dingsheng Technology. The site has CCTV, People.com, China.com, China Economic Net, Tencent.com, Sina, Netease News, Phoenix.com, Sohu, Today Headlines, China Blue News, China.com, Oriental Fortune.com, China Enterprise News, and Volkswagen. Huashang Daily, Dongfang.com, Xinhua.com, Qingdao News Network and many other well-known domestic traditional media, as well as Dingsheng Media Mengniu Information, U-News, Lanshi Finance, Bitcoin.com, 41 Finance, Public Finance, Gyro Finance, Fog Finance, New weekly media such as Link Weekly, Purple Finance, CoinOn Headline, CoinOn, Chain Tiger Finance, and Shenzhen Chain Finance have supported the event. Nearly 800 guests attended the event.



Hong Kong Shinhwa Blockchain Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a modern diversified investment enterprise integrating real estate development, blockchain application research and development, investment, asset custody, investment management, industrial investment, corporate management consulting, corporate image planning, etc. . In the era of global economic integration, Hong Kong Shinhwa has grown into one of the most promising investment development companies with its long-term investment vision and comprehensive professional operation mode, especially in real estate development, home ownership and tourism. The speed of development can be said to be very rapid. The Hong Kong Shinhwa Jeju project launched this time is expected to plan more than 1,000 acres of land for investment and development in Jeju Island, building a world-class high-end leisure and tourism resort in Korea.


In addition, in recent years, the Jeju government has repeatedly stressed that Jeju Island will be built into a world-class blockchain SAR. The  Hong Kong Shinhwa Jeju project is also seeking to explore new modes of cooperation, giving Jeju Island a policy advantage over blockchain technology and responding to the construction of Jeju Island. The determination of the blockchain SAR.


Hong Kong Shinhwa World Blockchain Technology Development Co., Ltd. held the starting point of this ” Hong Kong Shinhwa New Economic Summit Forum and Customer Appreciation Dinner”. First, it showed the huge existence of Jeju Island, which is superior to the natural environment and geographical location. The value of investment; the second is to open the situation for the official launch of the  Hong Kong Shinhwa Jeju project, to listen to more experts and scholars to evaluate the current economic development; and of course, in order to thank all customers and partners for their support.


With the end of the exciting opening countdown, the professional host group consisting of Ruiyan Fan Jiaer from the United States, Zhou Yang from the Guangdong TV Station, Li Jia Kira, and Weng Ting from Hangzhou TV Station, all the guests on the scene and tens of thousands of online and offline The focus of the audience was the same as Langsheng’s announcement that the  Hong Kong Shinhwa New Economic Summit Forum and the Customer Appreciation Dinner were officially kicked off.




The conference specially invited Maligin Vladislay, consultant of Hong Kong Shinhwa Asia Pacific, to address the conference. He believes that this summit forum invites people of insight from all walks of life to gather here, not only to show you the  Hong Kong Shinhwa world blockchain technology development limited company’s grand vision for the Hong Kong Shinhwa Jeju project, but also looking forward to passing this time. Summit Forum, listen to more valuable opinions on the development of the new economy, discuss with experts the infinite possibilities of the future of the  Hong Kong Shinhwa Jeju project, and strive to build the  Hong Kong Shinhwa Jeju project into an important part of Jeju’s economic and social development, injecting into the Jeju tourism industry. Fresh and energetic.



Subsequently, the representative of the Landing Group expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the successful launch of the  Hong Kong Shinhwa New Economy Summit Forum and the Customer Appreciation Dinner and the successful launch of the  Hong Kong Shinhwa Jeju Project. She believes that success stems from the correct judgment and timing of the megatrend. With the precise grasp, I believe that the future  Hong Kong Shinhwa Jeju project will become Korea’s largest and most eye-catching tourist resort.



Then the invited guest of the roundtable forum, Yu Man, led the famous financial commentator Ye Tan, international financial strategist Xiang Song, the famous Chinese economist Wang Fuzhong, the founder and CEO of Bitcoin China Yang Linke, and the co-chair of the World Digital Cooperation Organization. Xu Gang came to power to focus on the topic of “focusing on the new economy and exploring new developments” on topics such as Sino-US trade relations, China’s future economic development, and the trend of new Asian economic development.



Under the intense discussion of several economists and investment experts, the atmosphere of the scene has culminated. At this time, the host Yu Man once again invited Mr. Maligin Vladislay, consultant of  Hong Kong Shinhwa Asia Pacific, to take the stage and formally launch the  Hong Kong Shinhwa Jeju project together with five experts.



With the successful conclusion of the summit forum and the launching ceremony, the guests present also began to relax and enjoy this beautiful night.


The Landing Convention and Exhibition Center not only provides professional exhibition venues and facilities, but also provides professional high-end business catering services, providing first-class Chinese-style dining for the guests of the evening.



In addition to food and wine, the organizer  Hong Kong Shinhwa World Blockchain Technology Development Co., Ltd. also invited well-known singers Jin Zhiwen and Zheng Zhihua to the dinner party to sing a familiar and popular classic, which caused waves of waves at the dinner. Surprise orgasm. The local dance, which is full of Korean folk customs, and the saxophone performance with both fun and strength, also keep the festive atmosphere of the dinner party warm.



In addition to a rich and exciting performance, there is also a wave of sweepstakes on the spot for everyone to speed up the dinner. Mobile phones, computers, and a variety of exquisite gifts are sent out successively along with the numbers scrolled on the big screen. The cheers and laughter ignite the warm atmosphere of the scene.



With the Hong Kong Shinhwa New Economic Summit Forum and the Customer Appreciation Dinner coming to an end, the guests and the staff of the whole team sang together “Love the Family”, which brought the conference to a successful conclusion.