A City Famous for Pandas Has an Ambition to Become a World Famous Tourist City


On November 29, Chengdu Tourism launched an international challenge in seven countries, i.e. the USA, Japan, Italy, Spain, the UK, Germany, and France, to recruit a panda babysitter, the world’s cutest job. Panda star Mei Lan, the ambassador of WWF “Earth Hour”, also serves as a panda babysitter to launch the challenge together with other panda babysitters. According to Chengdu Tourism “Pandahome”, the sponsor account of this event, the view counts of this event has exceeded 40 million and netizens have launched nearly 80,000 videos, which has received 3.80 million likes.


Chengdu, a city famous for pandas, has launched a worldwide event to publicize its tourism based on pandas. It intends to introduce the beauty of Chengdu to people all over the world from a particular perspective through the latest, most effective communication platform. Behind the event is Chengdu’s ambition to make efforts to become a world famous tourist city.


In recent years, Chengdu has taken a series of measures to keep expanding its popularity, reputation and influence in terms of tourism brands through its strategy of developing all-for-one tourism and making efforts to become a world famous tourist city. So far such tourism brands as Greater Chengdu, Greater Jiuzhai, Greater Emei, and Greater Shagri-la have been built in Chengdu.


According to statistics, more than 110 international and regional air routes have been available in Chengdu to reach 90 international and regional cities. Destinations cover five continents on the earth. In 2017, 3.0134 million inbound tourists visited Chengdu, growing by 10.66% on a year-on-year basis. The figure is 1.31 times higher than the figure in 2015. Relying on a particular charm, Chengdu is attracting more international tourists.


The heaven and earth give Chengdu life while time gives Chengdu civilization. Chengdu has become a very attractive destination, making visitors reluctant to leave. Each city will undergo different periods, such as starting period and stably-growing period, in the process of tourism development. Various data and indices indicate that Chengdu’s tourism has gone into a stably-growing period from a quantitatively-growing period. It is developing on a high-quality basis. Chengdu has become an important destination for tourists all over the world.