2019 Wuxi Bafanghui Shopping Mall COWBOY TOWN COASTAL BAZAAR, this Spring Days, the Cowboy Is On the Run.


Sign Up For 8 Great Gifts, Enjoy 5 Major Theme Areas, Complete The Mission Collect Badges And Then Take The Mystery Award!


2019 Wuxi Bafanghui Shopping Mall

This Spring Days, The Cowboy Is On The Run.

Sign Up For 8 Great Gifts

Enjoy 5 Major Theme Areas

Complete The Mission, Collect Badges And Then Take The Mystery Award!

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In the spring of April, life is alive in everything, the weather is getting warmer, and the warm sunshine is shining again. It’s a good time for family to go out. This time, Wuxi Coastal City Bafanghui Shopping Mall will join hands with many independent merchants and high-end luxury brands to restore the western cowboy hometown and create a visual feast with a western town style. 

Only: 198 Yuan / family

Activity Time

April 13 – April 28

Interaction Time

April 13-14 AM 9:30-PM 6:00

April 20-21 AM 9:30-PM 6:00

April 27-28 AM 9:30-PM 6:00



We returned to the 18th century’s western American town through the time tunnel. In the square where people come and go, there are many restaurants and bars. The vendors in the market are ordering about their various goods. In the desert not far away, the warriors are conducting shooting competitions and rounding up prey. A tough guy is riding the horse hustle and bustle, with the folk’s provocative eye-catching. Exceedingly fascinating and charming beauties are flirting with eyebrows and eyes.… The fierce horse races in the town are in full swing, and everyone is striving to be the best cowboy knight of this race!


This Spring Days, The Cowboy Is On The Run.

With the train going and whooping, the horse running, the little sister is playing the harmonica, and the silhouette looks beautiful in the sunset. I use a bullet to preserve my memory,

After introducing the scenery, let’s introduce the eight gifts. ~~


The little cowboy can get into the town adventure after receiving the equipment.!


With cool cowboy hat, eye-catching red scarf, the police emblem of the western authority, a shining western cowboy walked into the town, no matter how challenging it is, he will respond calm!


When necessary, you must fill your stomach first. Since the foods are so yummy, what are you waiting for?

I believe that the Solitary Gourmet must dream of coming to the cowboy town.


Whether all free goodies, such as kebabs, a big mug of beer, fruit cup, yogurt puff etc. will hold back an eating-up little cowboy? I believe he will solve this problem, Ha-ha ~


Oh! There are 5 games! What are they?

Necessary the cowboy starts to show his skills. At this moment, he is impressive now.



* Cowboy Transformation *

One-button dressing-up, a child will transform into a handsome cowboy. Besides the primary and essential equipment, there is also a western scene specially created for the little cowboy.




* Western Dart Bodyguards *


As the saying goes, false friends are worse than bitter enemies.

In the western town, you don’t need to hide a dart, as long as you are “precise”!



* Bounty Hunter *

Those who stand bravely for their lover or child and catch the doll with superb skill,

In our cowboy town, they are called the bounty hunter.!


Cowboys will naturally “bullfight”, three vs. three are fair!

Of course not a match, it must be a light and happy basketball game ~


As a cowboy, the outstanding aesthetic standard is indispensable.


The combination of hands-on ability and aesthetic level will create a wonderful life.!


The western desert equestrian stadium is restored,the real cowboy race is on。

With the western set of horses are ready,  and cowboys are mighty and majestic, the equestrian of the cowboys must be out of question!


Except for the experience of riding horse on the field, there is also the opportunity to go to the top indoor horse farms in the world,to enjoy the 1V1 equestrian class.


Program the robot to make your dreams come true,

Want to be a little programmer? Come on!

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Cowboy Town

Besides 8 great gifts,there are five major theme areas together to present you the original western style


Retro Style Town Coastal Bazaar

Little Cowboy Go to a Big Fair

(Retro Style Vehicle, Vinyl Record, Handmade Leather Goods, African Drums, Maker DIY, Jewelry Artwork, Resin Clay, Dream Catcher, Gypsum Dolls, Perler beads, Ukulele)


The stores in Retro Style Town must have an antique flavor,Would you like to have a visit?


Town Equestrian Competition

Cowboy equestrian stadium, take you back to the west and wild gallop on the stadium!


Car Boot Sale

(Launched byWuxi Baocheng MINI/Nan Wai’s  King International School/Dandelion Charity Organization/Gardlin International Montessori Kindergarten/Large-scale Charity Sale Held by Wuxi Special Education School)


Every time you contribute to the market in the Car Boot Sale, you will make those little faces that need help smile hopefully!

Gourmet Club

Cowboy Gourmet Station

(A large portion of the delicacies offered by the 51 degree German Beer Restaurant: 6 kebabs + 1 cup of refined beer + 1 cup of fruit cup + 1 cup of yogurt + 1 cup of small sandwich (puff) dessert)


Desert Activity

Little Cowboy Take Adventure

(Western Cowboy Theme Scene Photography + Two Dart Throwing Opportunities for Wilderness Bodyguards Winning Prize + Two Doll Grabbing Opportunities)


Western emotion is reflected in the game. Who is the best player in the cowboy family?



Cowboy Basketball Challenge Zone

Masters are in the streets of the town.

(Jointly sponsored by Adidas+New Star+Lazy Bug Sports, the basketball pass-through competition has two opportunities to win exquisite prizes)



On-site DIY activities in Yang Meihong International Private School

Winning or not winning is temporary, and personal aesthetics is lifetime importance.


Cowboy Robot makes a breakthrough3 times

Cowboy Robot? Will he fight with bad guys over beer?

It depends on your ability!


According to legend, treasures are hidden somewhere in a small town,only the collection of 18 Western badges can find its clues!Who own the treasure depends on the cowboy’s ability!



Activity Title:2019  Wuxi Bafanghui Shopping Mall Cowboy Town Costal Bazaar.

Activity Time:April 13 – April 28

Interaction TimeApril 13-14 AM 9:30-PM 6:00,April 20-21 AM 9:30-PM 6:00,

April 27-28 AM 9:30-PM 6:00.

Activity Address: Wuxi Costal Bafanghui Shopping Mall

* The final interpretation of this activity is owned by the event organizing committee. *

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This Spring Days, the Cowboy is on the run. The territory of the town needs me to defend it, and precious justice awaits me to uphold. ……The cowboy decided to mobilize the whole family to maintain the prosperity of the town. The exciting challenge is in front of you. The cowboy family, are you ready? Sign up as soon as possible!