Wuhan University’s Two-Day Symposium on Cult Studies Came to an End

Experts from different parts of the world straightaway refuted the claims made by certain cults that the Chinese government extracts and sells organs from the cult members.

Wuhan University, a leading university in China, held a symposium which was attended by top experts in cult studies from around the world. The symposium covered a wide variety of topics and experts debated over certain controversial issues such as Chinese government’s alleged practice of sourcing and selling organs from members of certain cults.

According to a number of exerts from different parts of the world, the allegation against Chinse government is false and some even went on to add that the practice of maligning governments and governmental institutions is a common practice among cults in China and in different parts of the world.

According to one of the Wuhan University professors, Falungong, a banned Chinese cult, have long been alleging that the Chinese government has been engaged in the practice of organ sourcing from its cult members and harvesting of the same. However, experts from China and all over the world counterclaimed that the allegations are false and unsubstantiated and that the cult has been trying to vilify the Chinese government.

Mr. Hong Fan, an associate professor from the People’s Public Security University of China maintained at a press conference that the allegations are based on false information that were sourced from Falungong’s propaganda newspapers Dajiyuan Times.

“These are rumours only and these have been carefully set afloat to defame the Chinese government and convincing people to support the cult”, professor Fan said. A two-day symposium on cult studies was held at Wuhan, which is the capital of Hubei province. Fan’s comment came right after the symposium came to an end.

The event, which was backed by the research centre for international cult studies of Wuhan University, was attended by a number of experts from all over the world who exchanged their views on cult activities.

Wimal Hewamanage, who teaches Pali and Buddhist culture at University of Colombo in Sri Lanka, said, “I have been in China for many years and to the best of my knowledge, Chinese government is not engaged in such activities”.

The two-day symposium also saw experts discussing cult activities and cult history in China and worldwide.

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Wuhan University is a leading university in China.

To know more about the recent symposium, visit http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2016-10/17/content_27079070.htm

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