Published 2018 Drone Buying Guide for First-Time Buyers of Drones

0, an online portal that comes up with in-depth reviews of DJI unmanned aerial vehicles, recently published their 2018 drone buying guide.

China, 7th December

DJI drones occupy almost 80% of the retail market for unmanned aerial vehicles, which are often dubbed as simply drones or UAVs, as the drones are made of high-quality materials, and have an industrial design with a stable system., a consumer awareness portal specifically meant for people who are interested in buying DJI drones, recently published their latest guide, 2018 drone buying guide, for first-time buyers of drones. The reviewers said that they have focused on the latest DJI products only, so that their readers and subscribers get to know the finer details of the latest products.

“One of the DJI products we have reviewed is DJI Inspire 2. It’s a successor to DJI pro-grade Inspire 1. The modular camera design and the 4K camera allows for X5 raw variations. The all new airframe of the upgraded product comes with better speed and two camera options. Also, the obstacle avoidance system of the drone makes it a favourite drone for TV journalists, filmmakers and enthusiasts. It also supports features that aerial videographers might require and these new features include dual operator control and pro guide video compression”, said a reviewer.

While mentioning that the DJI Inspire 2 is an editor’s choice, the reviewer also mentioned that DJI Phantom 4 Pro is another product which is now in high demand. He added that Phantom 4 has come with all new sensors and the overall quality has been upgraded. He said that the product is an automatic choice for anyone trying to get good footage from above.

“DJI Mavic Pro is yet another product which we found as the most responsive and most stable of the lot. We recommend it especially for beginners who are low on budget, but they should know that they might not get the best picture quality or video quality, but it’s certainly a good drone under a budget. In fact, DJI has all sorts of products for all types of buyers”, added the reviewer.

He informed that new subscribers can request a copy of the 2018 drone buying guide by getting in touch with their live support team.

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