Meet MIKE :The Audio Solution Changing How We Create and Hear Sound


Though technology continues to leap forward, one industry struggles to maintain its innovative edge is the audio technology industry. Headsets, speakers, and earphones continue to get louder and more immersive but are they more experiential? Over the past five years wires have been removed and design has become more attractive but experience has yet to advance; until one company came to rescue.

Sabinetek as an official partner with Qualcomm, has multiple patents and already delivered successful acoustic solutions to many industry giants in China. Next month, Sabinetek will exhibit at CES 2018 as Innovation Awards Honoree to release its brand new product MIKE.

MIKE, a new portable microphone, is changing the way we produce and record sound. Unlike traditional microphones which transfer file after the recording, MIKE can transfer data with mobile phone in real-time. This function makes all the difference among the microphone category because functions are not experience. Functions such as stereo sound quality, long distant recording, powerful editing APP,  and noise suppression technology are needed together and at the same time. Real-time transmission technology enriches MIKE to replace the mic on mobile phone to make that experience happens.


The product comes with an accessory that makes it easily attachable to the musical instrument that the user plays with; another accessory, a hand band, allows the user to wear it while playing certain instruments when needed to (for instance: saxophone, violin), to catch the closest source of the sound
Whether a musician, a speaker, educator, reporter, or everyday person MIKE can be used to create a better experience. Music and composers can compose to record demos whenever they feel inspired using the high-quality recording and immediate app sharing function will dramatically improve their production process. Presenters, reporters, and educators can experience the freedom of hands free recordings in real time, taking their listeners even closer to sound. The average Joe can easily record moments and laughs experienced while traveling and throughout life; creating a track record of the amazing memories that shape our life.

With the product’s function being fully recognized, the product will likely bring about a revolution to the listening experiences of serious-music-lovers or sound-quality-cravers, and many more.

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Name: Beijing Sabine Technologies Ltd