ASPROEX Enterprise Token Exchange


Block chain + encrypted currency bull market is coming

The world is talking about when the bull market of encrypted currencies will come, the global supporters of block chain and encrypted currency are all ready to move, and the value of BTC is approaching $9,000 in just over two months, up by 140%, making it the best asset in the world. BTC has risen by nearly 70% since May.

The market value of the whole encrypted currency has exceeded $1 trillion, which shows that people are optimistic about the encrypted currency. However, the survey found that more than 70% of the holders of coins in the market maintain speculative mentality, which is also the reason why encrypted currencies still fail to activate in various cities. The emergence of the exchange has made it easier for the market to control its prices with a large amount of money, which has affected its technological development and community expansion.

Financial storm is coming

China has 80 million small and medium-sized enterprises. 60% of the small and medium-sized enterprises are financed from formal financial institutions and 40% from private financial institutions. The cost of private financing is high! And there are phenomena of fear and refusal of loans in formal financial institutions. At the end of 2018, the loan demand of small and medium-sized enterprises in China reached 50.8 trillion yuan, but more than 75% of the loan demand was not met. The reasons include that it lacks collateral, the achievements of entrepreneurship have not been transformed, the guarantee system is not perfect, and the information exchange is not timely. Small and medium-sized enterprises generally obtain loans mainly from urban commercial banks, rural commercial banks and so on. The breakdown of the capital chain of the third, fourth and fifth class banking system will also cause these small and medium-sized enterprises to suffer from joint and several problems. The best solution is to deepen Inclusive Finance to solve market problems through private capital. However, the risk of private capital directly entering enterprises is very high, so we must have the organization to audit and supervise, and have the crowdsourcing venture capital model so that everyone can participate a little bit, to minimize the risk and spread it evenly.

What is ASPROEX Enterprise Token Exchange

ASPROEX is the only exchange owned by ASPROFIN Bank in the world. ASPROEX Enterprise Token Exchange relies on a rigorous and uncomplicated set of audit procedures to guard the public, let the public know the enterprise token with the most correct concept, and let potential and promising enterprises expand their business through ASPROEX. Many financial institutions in Europe and the United States have been focusing on how to integrate encrypted currency into financial model in the supervision and be used in daily life, and ASPROFIN Bank will be the first to push its ideas into practice in the field of financial circles and block chain field.

At present, ASPROEX Enterprise Token Exchange follows a formal line, is legal and compliant, is supported and owned by banks, and does a good job of wind control management procedures for it and protects investors. The market of ASPROEX refers to more than 35 million supporters of block chains and encrypted currency around the world. If 10% of the supporters participate in ASPROEX trading, it will become a huge enterprise token exchange, surpass many encrypted currency exchanges and challenge traditional stock exchanges. At present, ASPROEX has not released its operation and operation details, and the whole block chain and currency circle have been shaken. In the past, some people doubted how to put the idea of real finance into practice in the world of block chains, while ASPROEX is moving towards formal finance.

ASPROEX upsets the stereotype of block chain

It converts assets into digital tokens on block chain systems. Token introduces programmability into token assets, which can introduce business logic to reduce the need for manual settlement. Intelligent contracts can have automatic trading functions, formulas for calculating asset prices, and other specific functions. Moreover, many studies have discussed the benefits of tokening , including liquidity, programmability and immutable proof of ownership. ASPROEX hopes that through issuing enterprise tokens, more potential and powerful small and medium-sized enterprises can complete financing and expand their business through the circle of tokens and block chains, and also provide a more secure, high-privacy and high-quality block chain + entity project for the vast investment group.